Monday’s Child In Thursday Thinking Tank

It’s a lovely summer morning,

I am in my room, sitting.

I let my window open,

I breath fresh air

While waiting for something to happen,

I see a bird in despair.

It’s a baby bird,

It looks rather sad.

I want to invite it in,

Yet I have no idea how to begin.

It hurts

That this cutie is away from its parents.

I don’t want to scare it away,

Thus I stay put

Daring not to say

Anything, bad or good.

Recalling my mom’s kiss

On my cheeks,

I reckon this bird must miss

Its mom for weeks.

I want to have a chance

To play with it in the wild,

I imagine we do space dance

To entertain the world.

“what have you found?”

I feel the lips

And hear the words,

As I turn around,

I see toy ships

And game swords.

Oh, my,

I give a heavy sign,

The bird is disturbed and is gone,

I ask my mom to leave me alone!


This is my entry 4

Thursday Thinking Tank #13 (Kiss) at Poets United

and Monday’s Child #10 hosted by Signed-bkm

Happy Thursday!

Indigo Is Cool

The color of Indigo

Is very special,

It is not purple,

It is not blue,

To give you a clue,

Look at the images that ring true.

Indigo is cool,

It is between purple and blue,

The subjects of such color could be wool,

Or a tool,

It could be the color of your swimming pool,

And it is part of the nature,

We shall recognize it in the future.

This is an entry 4   JENNY’s Alphabe Rainbow summer school (Indigo)

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