A Funky Fairy Tale By Trisha

A demon loved an angel
To the limit of insanity
They are not for each other
This much he knew for sure
He knew she will walk away
The moment he shows himself
So he donned a mask
Conned her into loving him.

But what could he do to himself
Soon the mask started to peel
The angel left him
When the mask fell off his face.
First she was angry and bitter
Then he realized his helplessness
His heart was forcing him
To hound her to force her to him.

The demon got furious
Believed her a traitor
He called her names, taunted her
She asked him to change himself
He refused said her love was fake
tried to make her jealous, bitter
hit her from every angle, corner
she reminded him she was an angel.

To have an angel in his arms
He will have to be one
A simple truth that can’t be undone
Oil and water can’t mingle
Black and white can’t embrace
To mingle with each other
They have to be same
Or sacrifice himself in absolute sense.


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Weekend Funnies

#1: What bird can lift the most?  (A crane)

#2: What can you hold without ever touching it? (A conversation)

#3: What clothes does a house wear? (Address)

#4: What do the moon and the false teeth have in common?

(They both come out at night time)

#5: What are the strongest days of the week?

(Saturday and Sunday, the rest are all week (weak) days.)

#6: Which runs faster, hot or cold?

(hot, because everyone can catch a cold)

#7: What is the most dangerous city? (Electricity)