Magpie Tale-The Tolerance of Everything

Upon the beginning of Fall,
Where apple trees stand proud and tall,
U see apples hang up high,
some are brave, some are shy.
Apples come in various shapes and sizes,
The benefits of eating them outshine any prizes.
When hunger hits you big,
U have No chance to pick.
In an apple eating contest,
Things happen in the way you may have never guessed.
Crunch, Crunch,
Eat them raw,
Munch, Munch,
Exercise your jaw.
Three days without a meal,
U swallow 54 apples in a row,
With the 55th apple you must deal,
U bite into an apple with a flaw,
Everyone laughs at you
When you chew,
and complete your due.
U win the competition
With your freshly demonstrated reputation-
The tolerance of everything!


magpie tale is hosted by Willow….