She Disliked Men Who…

She disliked men who drink whole milk

And wear clothes made of silk;

She disliked men who conduct verbal abuse

And in Navy Blue tennis shoes.

She disliked men who fancy about polyester

And cheat on tests each academic semester.

She disliked men who are chicken

and go to work late often;

She disliked men in discount underwear

and blame others for his love affair.

She disliked men who yell

whenever they don’t feel well.

She disliked men who double the dare

and never have the will to share.

She disliked men who don’t live life the way they say it,

And don’t mean it

the way they love it…

She disliked men who plant expired seed

and let the garden be raged with weed.


26 thoughts on “She Disliked Men Who…

  1. I read a poem similar to this, thus i wrote it and changed certain content…
    It is not meant to be rude or critical..
    no offense,
    I don’t know much about men ,
    Sorry for posting this…
    It is an inspiration from another poem…

    1. No worries, Jingle… I was only commenting on the woman character in the poem…I did not think you were rude or critical; some men are definitely this way and they need to see themselves in the mirror. 🙂 heartspell

  2. Such a unique thought, Ji! Awesome!!
    LOVED the last one the most!! Why would any person plant expired seeds?!?!? GRRRR… Such a person ought to be disliked !

    Really enjoyed the light nature of the poem… 🙂

  3. This was a fun read my friend!

    Hey, I am confused (it does not take much, because I am blonde!!!)…but, how many blogs do you have? I see your name but with different pages….so when I am coming to visit you I don’t know which one to go to…

    Cheers, Chloe xx

  4. “She disliked men who don’t live life the way they say it,
    And don’t mean it
    the way they love it…”
    Oh Ji I LOVE this! And I love the character you portrayed here- she sounds inspiring!

  5. It’s not as simple as it reads- it’s actually very heavy words talking here.. the last portion said it all.. I so agree- I have experienced, the losers only turn a garden into a weeds farm..
    It touched me..

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