Thursday Prompts -Live Like A Butterfly

Live like a butterfly!

This is her lifetime goal, and she is achieving it…

Eventually, she stopped feeling shy and dared to write her thoughts down on paper.

Life is jocund overall, it is magical as a matter of fact, yet, few know her secret of happiness.

It is nice to play the game with dual faces, she loves volley ball games while in high school, the way she tosses the ball high yet to make a perfect score is unforgettable to many of her fans, and every time she makes a hit, glassful smiles will fill her heart with satisfactions,  and her pale with pink tint cheeks would blossom like spring buttercups.

Pensive mood is always paired with the joy of solitude. She is all sunshine in public!

No two characters are identical, she is a unique butterfly who aims high and never quits trying…

Theme Thursday (Paper)

Three Word Wednesday (Dual, Identical, Volley)

Cloaked Monk (Magical)

There Is No Right or Wrong (Weirdness in February)

Spouses cry

To see houses fly;

Kids scream

To see spider-man cheer for a football game;

The Sun blinks with guilt

when stones start to melt;

Goats float

As ghosts hide under a boat,

Socks talk

While robots stalk;

Dogs quack

when cats bark;


refuses to go naked near a lake;

lover cheats

on Valentine gifts or treats…

February is frightful

Because weirdness wins,

You’ve got to be watchful

when a rock grins.

Nothing is as solid as the stone,

Everything carries some tricky tone.

There is NO right or wrong,

Anything could go deadly crazy in town.

Poets United

Theme Thursday (Stone)

Let Time Show, Tic Toc Toe

Time is full,

Full of expectations,

Full of growth,

Full of grace.


Full of pains,

Full of gains,

Full of loses,

Full of wins,


Time could tell,

Time could yell,

Time could smell,

But she has me under a spell.


Time is free,

Free to grow a tree,

Free to spend,

Free to share with a friend.


Time could dance,

Time could balance,

Time could reveal,

Time could prevail.


Let time go,

Free your ragged soul,

Let time show,

Tic toc toe.


magpie tale

Theme Thursday

And The Fun Never Ends

A baby Fairy dragon is very merry

Because he is going fishing with his Dad Terry.

Up and down,

He dances around

In his cheery little town

Until he sees what he stumbles upon:

Standing in front of him

Is a violet flower

That looks sad and slim

And holds No power.

“What’s going on?”

The green dragon asks with a frown.

“Although full of grace,

Stuck in one single place,

No freedom to explore

The world like others do,

how can my dreams come true?”

The young flower is in tears

holding all those sadness and fears.

The fairy understands her blues.

This is something she could never choose.

He turns on his magical power

and grants the wishes of the poor flower:

They have made an adventurous escape

and recorded everything in a video tape.

The flower has gone fishing with her new friends,

And the fun never ends.


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Green Earth Advocacy

A Is 4 Advocacy!

I am doing Green Earth Advocacyhere:








Rain forest


Honor the nature








Young at heart


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Y Is 4 Yellow, Enjoy The Fun, Young Fellow

Billard Balls

Binary Yellow Ball

Christmas Balls

Cord Spool

Crystal Ball In Spiral

Dico Ball Yellow

Fire Planet

Glowing Sphere

Golf Ball

Gymnastic Yellow Ball

Pin-Covered Ball In Funnel

Sport Yellow Ball

Tennis Ball

Water Polo

Yellow Ball On Christmas Card

Yellow Indoor Spherical Flower

Yellow Marbles

Yellow Mirror Ball

Yellow Pool Ball

Yellow Tether Ball

Yellow Yarn Ball

Smiley Face

An Orange

Candy Balls

Cheese Puffs

Grape Fruit

Mango Sorbet In An Ice Cream Scoop

Round Yellow Loaf of Bread

Sesame Sweets

Thank YOU 4 the Yellow FUN!

What A Fun Celebration of Yellow & Balls

I Love Yellow Balls *Wink*


Hello, How R U?

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