Thursday Prompts -Live Like A Butterfly

Live like a butterfly!

This is her lifetime goal, and she is achieving it…

Eventually, she stopped feeling shy and dared to write her thoughts down on paper.

Life is jocund overall, it is magical as a matter of fact, yet, few know her secret of happiness.

It is nice to play the game with dual faces, she loves volley ball games while in high school, the way she tosses the ball high yet to make a perfect score is unforgettable to many of her fans, and every time she makes a hit, glassful smiles will fill her heart with satisfactions,  and her pale with pink tint cheeks would blossom like spring buttercups.

Pensive mood is always paired with the joy of solitude. She is all sunshine in public!

No two characters are identical, she is a unique butterfly who aims high and never quits trying…

Theme Thursday (Paper)

Three Word Wednesday (Dual, Identical, Volley)

Cloaked Monk (Magical)

There Is No Right or Wrong (Weirdness in February)

Spouses cry

To see houses fly;

Kids scream

To see spider-man cheer for a football game;

The Sun blinks with guilt

when stones start to melt;

Goats float

As ghosts hide under a boat,

Socks talk

While robots stalk;

Dogs quack

when cats bark;


refuses to go naked near a lake;

lover cheats

on Valentine gifts or treats…

February is frightful

Because weirdness wins,

You’ve got to be watchful

when a rock grins.

Nothing is as solid as the stone,

Everything carries some tricky tone.

There is NO right or wrong,

Anything could go deadly crazy in town.

Poets United

Theme Thursday (Stone)

Let Time Show, Tic Toc Toe

Time is full,

Full of expectations,

Full of growth,

Full of grace.


Full of pains,

Full of gains,

Full of loses,

Full of wins,


Time could tell,

Time could yell,

Time could smell,

But she has me under a spell.


Time is free,

Free to grow a tree,

Free to spend,

Free to share with a friend.


Time could dance,

Time could balance,

Time could reveal,

Time could prevail.


Let time go,

Free your ragged soul,

Let time show,

Tic toc toe.


magpie tale

Theme Thursday

And The Fun Never Ends

A baby Fairy dragon is very merry

Because he is going fishing with his Dad Terry.

Up and down,

He dances around

In his cheery little town

Until he sees what he stumbles upon:

Standing in front of him

Is a violet flower

That looks sad and slim

And holds No power.

“What’s going on?”

The green dragon asks with a frown.

“Although full of grace,

Stuck in one single place,

No freedom to explore

The world like others do,

how can my dreams come true?”

The young flower is in tears

holding all those sadness and fears.

The fairy understands her blues.

This is something she could never choose.

He turns on his magical power

and grants the wishes of the poor flower:

They have made an adventurous escape

and recorded everything in a video tape.

The flower has gone fishing with her new friends,

And the fun never ends.


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Green Earth Advocacy

A Is 4 Advocacy!

I am doing Green Earth Advocacyhere:








Rain forest


Honor the nature








Young at heart


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Y Is 4 Yellow, Enjoy The Fun, Young Fellow

Billard Balls

Binary Yellow Ball

Christmas Balls

Cord Spool

Crystal Ball In Spiral

Dico Ball Yellow

Fire Planet

Glowing Sphere

Golf Ball

Gymnastic Yellow Ball

Pin-Covered Ball In Funnel

Sport Yellow Ball

Tennis Ball

Water Polo

Yellow Ball On Christmas Card

Yellow Indoor Spherical Flower

Yellow Marbles

Yellow Mirror Ball

Yellow Pool Ball

Yellow Tether Ball

Yellow Yarn Ball

Smiley Face

An Orange

Candy Balls

Cheese Puffs

Grape Fruit

Mango Sorbet In An Ice Cream Scoop

Round Yellow Loaf of Bread

Sesame Sweets

Thank YOU 4 the Yellow FUN!

What A Fun Celebration of Yellow & Balls

I Love Yellow Balls *Wink*


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V Is 4 Victims-Secrets R Revealed Under Hidden Video Camera

Mathew and his wife Dove have been married for more than a dozen years. They share two beautiful children, Ken and Jen, a nine year old boy and a seven year old girl. The family of four are immigrants living in the U. S.

Mathew has a tenured job at a university in Fort Worth, Texas. He loves his wife and believes that life is so far perfect for him.

Until the fateful day comes, that’s when his wife’s younger sister Daisy comes to live with them.

Daisy is single. She has broken up with her 2 year long boy friend because she finds out that he has been cheating on her. Daisy is hurt and after she finishes her bachelor’s degree back in her home country, she comes to the U. S. visiting her sister, wishing to get accepted to a university in the U. S. to change her fate.

Unfortunately, she has been rejected by all three majors she has applied. Thus she has to face the music: go back to her country to find a job, or stays in the U. S. by changing her status from visiting relatives to student.

Dove loves her sister and considers her sister an innocent victim. And Dove has called her parents via international phone service to discuss the situation. Of course, American dream is not easily to be given up. Dove is asked to do whatever she can to support Daisy. It is an order from her respected parents.

Thus, on this lovely evening, Dove showers herself fresh and clean, and lays herself gently in her husband’s arms the way she always does…Mathew is about forty years old, he always feels pleased by his wife’s full breasts and delicate skins…he gets high almost instantly, without worrying about whether or not the kids have fallen asleep, or what Daisy has been doing in her guest room, the couple start their love making with deep passions.

They make some noises, but hunger and thirst overcome fears. They continue doing it, fully enjoying their heat.

Suddenly, Dove pushed her husband away while he is at his peak point.

“What’s the matter?” Mathew whispers, his hands gently squeeze his wife’s breasts.

“Nothing, I simply want to stop.” Dove tells a whopper, she wants to make a deal.

“I know there must be something, I can do anything for you, dear.”  Mathew is out of breath…He almost begs his wife.

“I want you to help my sister Daisy.”  Dove knows that if she does not spit it out, she may not have another chance.

“On behalf of you, dear, I will help her.”  Mathew whispers in her ears.

“How?” Dove is curious, holding back her desire for her hubby.

“Trust me, I will figure out a way.” Mathew pulls his wife closer, placing his lips on hers, with their bodies pressing hard…

With the help of Mathew, Daisy is accepted into the university with a major related to Mathew, Daisy is not really interested in studying under her brother-in-law, but she has no other options at the moment. Hopefully, she can switch her major later the year…

Daisy has trouble with her spoken English, she struggles a lot with her homework assignments…Thus, at home, with the support of her sister Dove, Daisy has easy access to Mathew, they would discuss homework solutions at the study before dinner time, with Dove being busy in the kitchen preparing for dinner.

Everything seems so fine, everyone is getting what they want. Daisy would play with Ken and Jen during weekends, help them with their homework assignments. The family of five goes to picnic at Locale Park at times…Dove is happy..

Until one day, Dove wakes up in the middle of the night, finding that her husband is not sleeping next to her. She realizes something, something really bad. Yet she holds her horses and pretends to be asleep. And when her husband comes back to their room and lays himself gently next to her, she breathe evenly making sure he does not know she is awake,

And the next day, she played the video camera that was installed in her house a few years ago…Dark secrets are revealed under the hidden camera. Her heart sinks when she sees that her husband has been going to her sister’s room every night after she is asleep.

She pretends knowing nothing.  She swallows hard when her sister Daisy smiles happily at her when she takes out the most festive dishes in the evening.

And the next day, after Mathew and Daisy come home, they can not find Dove, but see a note left on the table:

“To my dearest husband and my most darling sister:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the doctor said that both of my breasts must be removed to save my life. I have decided to take one third of the savings and go back to our home country to get treated…I will be gone for 2 or 3 years…please take good care of the kids and wait for news from me.

With love,


And Dove has simply disappeared…Mathew can not quite his job, and Daisy is in the middle of her studies …They choose to remain, while Mathew has tried his best trying to contact his wife via other family members, but no one ever sees Dove.

Dove has no breast cancer. She has figured out a way to get out of her failed marriage, and she has used some money to change her appearance so that nobody recognizes her. Then she has used the rest of the money to open a private business in a far away town in her home country, her goal is to be independent, stay single, and give love to those who are poor or disadvantaged…

After two years, a lawyer comes to visit Mathew and his marriage to Dove is announced to be over.

“I am a victim of all these.” Mathew cries, but no one hears him.

Who is the victim in this story? You decide.


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Theme Thursday-White Is The Color of …

White is the color of June,

White is the color of a full moon.

White is the color of perfection,

Innocent and full of satisfaction.

White is the color of curiosity,

Filled with wonders and willingness to overcome adversity.

White is the color of snow,

Melting under the summer heat, what a show.

White is the color of clouds in sunny sky,

Floating around, no worrying about why.

White is the color of the Divine,

United we stand, what fun.

White is the magic that hides in the air,

White is the color of some people’s hair.

White is a fairy’s wing flapping up and down,

White is the feeling of being alone.

White in the light glowing in the dark,

White is the skin of some people in the park.

The color of the universe is white,

Too sad, people in the war still choose to fight.

White is the color of June,

White is the color of a full moon.


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Theme Thursday/Magpie Tale-Am I fishing in The air?

He was 74  when he met her, who was a college freshman and smells like morning rose.

The university has invited him to give a talk about his life time achievements, who happens to be a Nobel Prize Winner on Literature 40 years ago when he was a young professor in the United States.  On the day of his arrival, this girl greets him and gives him a hug, a bunch of flowers.  He likes her a lot, the way any male would feel when they meet the most beautiful girl in the world.

His name is Patrick Young.  He and his wife, Winnie Young have been married for more than 50 years.  They have  been through thin and think together. When he was a Ph. D candidate at a southern university in America, his wife gave up her job back in their home country and went to the U. S. to support him.  He is very different from other young fellows, he has bad tempers and always seek something fresh in life, yet Winnie tolerated him, and did not pursue her own graduate studies until he became a full professor who has published more than 100 influential articles speaking of how poverty and ignorance impact human development…After He won noble prize in literature, he was everywhere in the media around the world. He has enjoyed these for only a short period of time, then after their youngest son graduated from well known university, Patrick ands Winnie decide to go back to their home country to stay. He missed hometown food, he missed peaceful walks and thus there they were, back to native country and lived in a countryside house with their pet

Boot the cat.

“What am I thinking? Am I fishing in the air?” Patrick frowns when he misses her, the sunshine girl from his visit in college.

His wife is very sick at a hospital, he has become less patient about what’s going to happen, losing his beloved wife, of 52 years of marriage.

It happens when it is ready.

Six months later, Winnie died at hospital at the age of 71.

Patrick is shocked. He does love her, he has never betrayed her while their life time marriage.  Now she is gone, their kids are grown and gone, what is he going to do?

Due to his fame, he has received thousands of hundreds letters, gifts, postcards, and so on from all over the world. Then, on that Saturday evening, he has noticed a letter addressed to him from there, the university, the sunshine girl, … he could barely recall her name.

“Dear Professor Young:

This is Iris Kong, I am a secret admire of yours. I am sorry that you have lost your beloved wife. I have read all of your published articles and books. I have a question: I am majoring in English, May I translate one of your books into English? I would love to hear from you.

Iris Kong.”

Patrick’s heart jumps.  He does not know why, he wanted to say YES… and he did.

Back and forth, they exchanged opinions for a few months.

Literature people are full of ambitions and dreams. Iris needs further explanations when she is not sure about certain content of Patrick’s work.  Thus the communication involves memories, inner struggles,  dreams, and hopes of Patrick…Iris is excited to discover such a rich and talented soul.

They begin to write poems and trade praising their passion for life…

They begin to write notes caring and encouraging each other….

They start to call each other and talk on the phone for hours…

They want to meet each other, but when? What does it mean?


When he is 83, she is 27, they meet. He has grown older, she has become more mature and looks like an elegant lotus ever since they meet 9 years ago.  But age does not gap them, very naturally, they hold hands and embrace each other like young hot couples in love.

After a month, he formally proposes and she agrees to marry him.

News spread like the release of a rocket, people from all over the world are shocked, this world famous professor has gone crazy, he marries a woman who is 55 years younger than he is…what kind of love life could it be? How is she going to cope because it seems like they could not have children? Is their love real?

Patrick and Iris choose to ignore anything coming their way.  They only listen to music,talk about their favorite subject poetry, and think about how or what they shall do to write, promote, and enhance the quality of literature in a global sense.

They remain married until today, you only see them smile and holding hands in news…


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