Don’t Misread Me!

I decide to stay in my comfortable zone.

I have to spend time alone.

I have nightmare last night,

I don’t feel right.

I am having headaches,

I am having writer’s blocks.

My muses are gone,

I am not sure what’s wrong.

I am sorry

That I begin to worry,

I am done,

I am fine.

Don’t misread me,

I am not hurt,

Don’t assume me,

I am not sad.

I simply feel exhausted,

I am going to call a friend,

I am going to put it to an end.

I am going to make adjustment,

I am going to rediscover life’s enjoyment.


Hello, how are you? I hope your day goes well. This poem somewhat reflects my mindset now. I barely dream, but last night, I have had this strange dream, which makes me sweat, and it keeps me awake the whole night…I feel out of breath, so I am going to stay away from the computer and do something else today.  I will stop doing all Thursday memes today, sorry.  Thanks for the understanding! BEST Regards.