All Poems Are Blues

The blues may be the clues

You have led your life before,

But could not recall anymore.

Blues you have grown

Could haunt you.

Like ghost,

Or squeak like a horn.

Hang like a monkey in an oak tree,

Not much room for freedom,


Bitterness dwell on a rankling tongue,

A psalm to God that’s left unsung.

Traffics heading East

but stopping West,

Students in school

Are not doing their best.

All poems are blues,

And all blues are sad.

What I have done here

Is to share some blues in my head.


Hello, How R U?

I feel happy today, no blues.

Hope that U Enjoy A Happy Saturday!

U Rock!

🙂 😉 🙂


I will be out of town until 11pm tonight, see you later.

Please feel free to vote for your favorite poets via the link below. I will do poetry award for Rally week 19 on Sunday and Celebrate awards by Monday. Good Luck!

16 thoughts on “All Poems Are Blues

  1. one can never be blue with Ji around, this was a very emotional post, you are such a prolific writer, any subject any time, give yourself a round of applause, I do xxxx

  2. Jingle!!
    I have missed yours and William’s page!

    being in the hospital has taken it’s toll on me, this week I have just been working hard on getting comments on my page for my grandfathers wish, all I need are comments, lol. The contest ends tomorrow, then it will be back to just being in the hospital 😦

    I am glad you are not blue 😉
    n case you would like to get the word out for comment love here is the link:

  3. hi Jingle, happy for you and your son.congratulations on your son winning first prize.He must be as clever as his mother: like mother like son.say hi to him.

  4. Congratulations to Jingle and her son. I am so happy for him and I know you are bursting with pride. I would be too. Happy Sunday!

  5. blue is not only the colour of sadness- its colour of purity- extreme purity which usually is not understandable to common people.

    lovely poem, it brought a big grin on my face. you are a real genius, as glittering as a mirror, showing off your soul. 🙂

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