Brian and Tara Miller, U Rock! (14th Anniversary Celebration Post)

rug burned knees and congealed eggs by Brian Miller

if we are all going to die,
i might as well marry
the most beautiful
girl in the world,
was not quite
what was running
through my mind
that night after
My Life (of all movies),
not that you aren’t beautiful
i just couldn’t imagine

another day

without you in it,
so i got rug burn
on my knees
in your parent’s
basement and you
hid your hand
in your pocket
all morning,
until i asked your dad .
luckily he said yes,
because your breakfast
was getting cold and
who wants congealed eggs?


The 14th Marriage Anniversary Post By Brian Miller at WaystationOne

May 25, 2010 is so special for all of us. It is Brian Miller and Tara Miller’s 14th Anniversary,

Jinlge is thrilled because it is rare there is such a perfectly matched couple, Tara is cutest, and Brian is the most handsome guy…Brian is a very important figure and an essential part of our community.  His family is also our family,  his happiness is our happiness…We All Love Brian!

If I were a man, I will fall for her instantly. As a woman, I love woman as well. I love Tara! Thank YOU, Mrs. Miller, for sharing your cool husband with rest of the world. You Deserve The Best! xxx

Tara Miller, It is 4 u.

Tara, i hope you like it.

for you, Tara.

Tara, I hope it fits.

4 u, Tara.

4 u, Tara.

4 u, Tara.

u r a princess in reality, love you, Tara.

4 u, Brian!

4 u, Brian.

4 u, Brian Miller.

home, sweet home! 4 Brian and Tara miller.

Brian and Tara, U Rock!

Grandest wishes for years to come!

vacation room, enjoy!

keep swimming, Brian and Tara.

love is magical, enjoy the sweetest treat.

Brian and Tara, cake time 4 u 2. 😉

Thank YOU, Brian and Tara, 4 bringing love and magic to life!

Happy 14th Anniversary from Jingle!

Magical Marriage Medal for Brian and Tara Miller from Jingle

A Fairy Tale, Brian Miller and Tara Miller’s Wedding photo!

We are glad to see You 2 Happy together!

Please visit WaystationOne to give them your warmest wishes today.

Thank You in Advance.

Happy Tuesday!

😉 😉 😉