Theme Thursday/Magpie Tale-Am I fishing in The air?

He was 74  when he met her, who was a college freshman and smells like morning rose.

The university has invited him to give a talk about his life time achievements, who happens to be a Nobel Prize Winner on Literature 40 years ago when he was a young professor in the United States.  On the day of his arrival, this girl greets him and gives him a hug, a bunch of flowers.  He likes her a lot, the way any male would feel when they meet the most beautiful girl in the world.

His name is Patrick Young.  He and his wife, Winnie Young have been married for more than 50 years.  They have  been through thin and think together. When he was a Ph. D candidate at a southern university in America, his wife gave up her job back in their home country and went to the U. S. to support him.  He is very different from other young fellows, he has bad tempers and always seek something fresh in life, yet Winnie tolerated him, and did not pursue her own graduate studies until he became a full professor who has published more than 100 influential articles speaking of how poverty and ignorance impact human development…After He won noble prize in literature, he was everywhere in the media around the world. He has enjoyed these for only a short period of time, then after their youngest son graduated from well known university, Patrick ands Winnie decide to go back to their home country to stay. He missed hometown food, he missed peaceful walks and thus there they were, back to native country and lived in a countryside house with their pet

Boot the cat.

“What am I thinking? Am I fishing in the air?” Patrick frowns when he misses her, the sunshine girl from his visit in college.

His wife is very sick at a hospital, he has become less patient about what’s going to happen, losing his beloved wife, of 52 years of marriage.

It happens when it is ready.

Six months later, Winnie died at hospital at the age of 71.

Patrick is shocked. He does love her, he has never betrayed her while their life time marriage.  Now she is gone, their kids are grown and gone, what is he going to do?

Due to his fame, he has received thousands of hundreds letters, gifts, postcards, and so on from all over the world. Then, on that Saturday evening, he has noticed a letter addressed to him from there, the university, the sunshine girl, … he could barely recall her name.

“Dear Professor Young:

This is Iris Kong, I am a secret admire of yours. I am sorry that you have lost your beloved wife. I have read all of your published articles and books. I have a question: I am majoring in English, May I translate one of your books into English? I would love to hear from you.

Iris Kong.”

Patrick’s heart jumps.  He does not know why, he wanted to say YES… and he did.

Back and forth, they exchanged opinions for a few months.

Literature people are full of ambitions and dreams. Iris needs further explanations when she is not sure about certain content of Patrick’s work.  Thus the communication involves memories, inner struggles,  dreams, and hopes of Patrick…Iris is excited to discover such a rich and talented soul.

They begin to write poems and trade praising their passion for life…

They begin to write notes caring and encouraging each other….

They start to call each other and talk on the phone for hours…

They want to meet each other, but when? What does it mean?


When he is 83, she is 27, they meet. He has grown older, she has become more mature and looks like an elegant lotus ever since they meet 9 years ago.  But age does not gap them, very naturally, they hold hands and embrace each other like young hot couples in love.

After a month, he formally proposes and she agrees to marry him.

News spread like the release of a rocket, people from all over the world are shocked, this world famous professor has gone crazy, he marries a woman who is 55 years younger than he is…what kind of love life could it be? How is she going to cope because it seems like they could not have children? Is their love real?

Patrick and Iris choose to ignore anything coming their way.  They only listen to music,talk about their favorite subject poetry, and think about how or what they shall do to write, promote, and enhance the quality of literature in a global sense.

They remain married until today, you only see them smile and holding hands in news…


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