He Is A Poet

I know a poet

Who takes everything for inspirations,

Troubled kids, family times,

Including a lover’s immature decisions.

A loving couple could move him,

An aging or sick lady could make him write,

Risking his fame,

both day and night.

He would discover a potential implications

In every blog posts,

He would jot down stuff during family vacationss

And publish a poem to feature the hosts.

He is a poet,

The stories he wrote are always skillfully told.

He is a friend,

He is honest, kind, and never tries to pretend.

Jingle’s May Awards-Week 1 (Awards 4 U All)

The Superman Blogger Award from Jingle

Rocking Girl Blogger Award from Jingle

The Golden Heart Award from Jingle

Two lovely friends Dudo at DuDo

and Chocolate lover at ♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ have given Jingle

Cheery on Top Award

Beautiful Blogger Award

Dudo and chocolate lover,

You Rock! How new we are to one another,

Yet how sweet of You by thinking of ME.

Thank You, Dudo and chocolate lover!

Jingle is humbled and pleased here. xxx

I have given my award policy very careful considerations.

Many friends have subscribed with this blog via email

and not all of you are poets or regular followers.  It is time

for me to stop tagging a few and start to offer general awards

to All of YOU.

(From now on, only poetry awards from Thursday Poets Rally

and awards by votes will be tagged…)

All 5 awards above are 4 U.

Please feel free to take what you want and enjoy!

Happy Monday Ahead!