Weekend Funnies Week 9-Funny Kitties VS Funny Kids


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I Rise, No Surprise

You may let me down on purpose

With your bitter or ill logics.

You may dislike me, I suppose,

But, like the air, I rise.

Does my frankness upset you?

Do you enjoy seeing me miserable?

Does my background offend you?

Do you prefer me to being less able?

You may attack me with your words,

You may chop me with your eyes,

You may kill me with your anger,

But, like air, I rise.

Does my gender blind you?

Does my friendliness bore you?

Does it come as a surprise

That I always find a way to rise?

Leaving behind moments of doubts and fears,

Do a shift in gears.

I carry the dreams of my ancestors,

I rise, NO surprise.


Hello, How are you?

A writer or poet shall be able to go beyond one’s experieces

and write about almost anything in life…I am trying!

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