Six Words Saturday Week 4

Are Kids Born 2 Please Parents?


Hello, Welcome to Six Word Saturday.

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This week, my six words is a question,

I am excited to hear from YOU.

Happy Saturday!

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63. You’re next!

Poetry Award For Week 18 Thursday Poets Rally

The Most Open-Minded Poet Award

The Most Honest Poet Award

The Most Intelligent Poet Award

The following poets have won THREE (3) poetry awards above:

Jannie Funster William Brian Shakira Trisha Celebrating a Year Artswebshow Suzicate Beth Ediomo Udofia Pravin nair Rajlakshmi Shanellis Ishabellemanalo Wordwand JStar Petemarshall1 Katherine Emmanuel Ibok Megzone Moondustwriter Wordsbyleena Patti Shoelessboywonder Doraz THE BEATY Anthonynorth Jaymie Adam Mama Zen Poet Traveler Talon Viola Dom* Dulce Alice Audrey

The Most Open-minded Poet Award

The Most Honest Poet Award

The following poets have won Two (2) poetry award above:

Tonydowning Keerthana Anna Jess Mellow Sirenadelfirey Ana Goncalves Gerardine Baugh Viddhi ~things i’ll never say~ Alexvonfox Fiveloaf David Rheins Tammy Shirley Allard Ray Luna12780 Alonso Pat Moondai BFG Justin Karas Night & Day Poems of Amy Nash Sakhii DuDo Kathy Miriam Sagan Berna Noha PinkLady Lyn Awakenedsoul Yvonne Osborne järnebrand Inscribed in Stone Kathryn Byer I.S. Element 22 Halcclark Ray Luna12780 Slpmartin smArtee Thisrainykitten Steve E Alina Achyut Telang

The big Heart Award from Megzone (10Q, xxx)

You Are Princess Snow-white Award

The following FRIENDS plus all POETS are honored above TWO AWARD.

Amy Thom Amy Secret agent woman Bananazക Barbara Blueviolet Beth Jel Anya Southlakesmom Sylvia Kirkwood Bill First50 Dennis the Vizsla Quilly Janel Naba Kumar Barman Caitlyn Gee jay Steveroni Gandhali

Anyone Who want the last two awards can take them by leaving a comment under this post. Sorry for missing some of you.

Happy Saturday!

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