ABC Wednesday In Monday’s Child-I Is 4 I

I die

4 apple pie,

I cry

2 have a try,

I sigh

and aim high,

I fly

in the sky.

I am I

Who can be shy,

I buy

a tie,

I glide

with pride,

I inspire

and never expire!

I approve

and improve,

I survive

and thrive…


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This is 4 ABC Wednesday, I Is 4 I at  ABC Wednesday

And a contribution 4 Monday’s Child atMonday’s Child

38 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday In Monday’s Child-I Is 4 I

  1. What a fun poem…. I love Apple Pie also, don’t know that I would die for it, but, love it just the same. Great use of the letter I today.

  2. It is rhymming rain.. “I inspire and never Expire”… Lovely Poem.. Hatts off…

    –Someone Is Special–

  3. I am I indeed!! And I like it, Jingle!!
    A very good tribute to self… after all, we have to do that too!!

    Lovely poem, Ji..
    Write on, my sweet friend! 🙂

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