2 Times 2 Makes A Family of 4

9 times 1 is 9,

10 minus 1 is also 9,

11 minus 2   is still 9,

Math tricks could be divine!

1 plus 1 is 2,

2 people can make life cool.

2 times 2 makes a family of 4,

Toys and books are all over the floor.

4 times 6 is a class in school,

24 kids do math in a zoo.

5 times 6 is a banquet near the ocean,

Where decent folks do their celebration.

6 times 6 is 36,

You see pigeons dwell on streets 4 weeks.

7 times 7 is the joy of heaven,

60 minus 49 is eleven.

8 times 8 is the island near a shore,

10 times 10 makes the perfect score.

9 times 9 sends you back home

10 minus 9 is the rhythm of the poem.

This is written for One Shot Wednesday

In honoring Adam at dustus

Who has been a long time supporter of Thursday Poets Rally and a published poet….

Adam, Thanks for your professionalism and best of luck on your One Stop Wednesday Today!

44 thoughts on “2 Times 2 Makes A Family of 4

  1. Lovely Word and Number Play Jingle.. Nice Mathematics and Nice picture. Great Great Great…

    –Someone Is Special–

  2. Very clever. I am soooo not a math person. We have an exhibit at our museum where I’m a docent. The artist is a math major who creates complex equations that he inputs into a software program he developed. The program generates images from the equations…incredible colors and forms (feathers, trees….). I tremble at the thought of showing it to kids who understand the algebra. Yikes.

  3. very well done! I start to sweat a bit when i see all those numbers, mathphobic that i am. but i’m glad you have it all figured out, double entendre intended.

  4. You know I like your math poems, and it is very thoughtful you post this one 🙂
    Rhyming “36” with “four weeks”with x and k sounds—very cool—combining abstract symbol with time. Cheers Jingle

  5. Jingle…You do have fun in life. I love how you always bring a smile to my face. I hope all is well. I will hopefully be able to join in more…soon. 😦 Stay well and happy.

  6. Lovely play on words and very creative…and this is math even I can understand! I didn’t jump back intot he rally because I wasn’t sure if I could or not. I can visit and comment, but I’m not doing awards anymore because it just takes so much time. I deleted my awards page. I know you put a tremendous amount of time, energy, and creativity in awards. I did not want in any way to disappoint you. I have great respect for your hard efforts and your talent as a poet. I wish the rally much success, and appreciate all you’ve done (and continue to do) for the online network of poets. Thanks.

  7. Fun aaaannnd I got a math lesson (which as someone with a degree in English, I can always use the help with my numbers!). I have a new poem up on my blog too–while not as fun as yours–hope you’ll enjoy!

  8. I’m so not a math person either, and yet there i was loving numbers and loving your poem as I followed along. What a great One Shot.


  9. Hi Jingle,
    Oh me oh my, I LOVE numbers!! I love them! This is great. My best friends growing up were the number 8 (the snowman), the number 7 (man with a top hat), and the number 4 (always cross-legged).
    Thumbs up, Mr. Jingle. Great One-Stop Shot!

  10. Now this was one clever poem, Jingle!! Too good!
    “9 times 9 sends you back home” – WOW!! Dark and true…
    “10 minus 9 is the rhythm of the poem.” — AWESOME !! Loved this rhythm …

    Jingle, you are the coolest math gal around!! 🙂
    Happy Friday!

  11. Hi Jingle

    Still catching up on all the great One Shots, been a very busy time for me privately over the last week, so had to put these on a back burner….

    maths and poetry, very clever, but then why not, maths is everywhere, in whatever we do…cheers for sharing Pete

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