A++ Playmates

Berry creek,

Pink Cheek,


real quick.


A cute dog,

A lovely woman,

Two biking girls do self talk,

Their spirits are zen.


Baseball field,

Kid’s playground,

Crowds wailed.

Balls making cracking sound.


Rocky plates,

Watchful eyes,

A++ playmates,

“A home run”, someone cries.

ABC Wednesday (A…)

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ABC Wednesday-Pi Rymes With I

I am late in celebrating Pi day, yet I want to share my Pi-Ku Haikus with you..Have FUN!

ABC Wednesday (I is 4  Pi Rhymes with I)




Perfect beauty.


When I see


join pie, I sigh.


Silly guy


dates pie, nice try.


Magic math


shall never die.


Pi and I


what a fun time.

Pi-Ku Haiku has the form:

first line, 3 syllabus,

2nd line, 1 syllabus,

3rd line, 4 syllabus…

have a try yourself, Happy Tuesday.

ABC Wednesday-I Is 4 I Am A Flower

I am a flower in a garden,

I am innocent, pure, no pardon.

I always do the right thing,

Regardless how much damage done to everything.

I carry no shame,

I have NO guilt,

I desire nil fame,

I swallow No insult.

A painting is a painting,

It is artificial and could be misleading,

Truth always stands out,

I need not to worry or doubt.

True friends have trust,

False claims will never last.


ABC Wednesday (I is 4 I Am A Flower)