A++ Playmates

Berry creek,

Pink Cheek,


real quick.


A cute dog,

A lovely woman,

Two biking girls do self talk,

Their spirits are zen.


Baseball field,

Kid’s playground,

Crowds wailed.

Balls making cracking sound.


Rocky plates,

Watchful eyes,

A++ playmates,

“A home run”, someone cries.

ABC Wednesday (A…)

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ABC Wednesday-Pi Rymes With I

I am late in celebrating Pi day, yet I want to share my Pi-Ku Haikus with you..Have FUN!

ABC Wednesday (I is 4  Pi Rhymes with I)




Perfect beauty.


When I see


join pie, I sigh.


Silly guy


dates pie, nice try.


Magic math


shall never die.


Pi and I


what a fun time.

Pi-Ku Haiku has the form:

first line, 3 syllabus,

2nd line, 1 syllabus,

3rd line, 4 syllabus…

have a try yourself, Happy Tuesday.

ABC Wednesday-I Is 4 I Am A Flower

I am a flower in a garden,

I am innocent, pure, no pardon.

I always do the right thing,

Regardless how much damage done to everything.

I carry no shame,

I have NO guilt,

I desire nil fame,

I swallow No insult.

A painting is a painting,

It is artificial and could be misleading,

Truth always stands out,

I need not to worry or doubt.

True friends have trust,

False claims will never last.


ABC Wednesday (I is 4 I Am A Flower)

Word Challenge IN U & K (Understanding KNOWLEDGE)

ABC Wednesday (U Is 4 Understand(ing))

Alphabe-Thursday (K Is 4 Knowledge)


Six Samples to demonstrate how we use words UNDERSTAND And KNOWLEDGE…

#1: It is understood that there can be no knowledge apart from practice.

#2: Everyone shall understand the differences between perceptional knowledge and rational knowledge.

#3: Doing good deeds without the knowledge of others is admirable and understandable.

#4: I try to understand why knowledge is power.

#5: To my knowledge or understanding, they will break ground for the new project next week.

#6: Knowledge factory can be understood as academic institute.

Christmas is in the air,

what did you do to prepare?

Happy Tuesday!

ABC Wednesday/Z-A Word Challenge in Q

Quilts associate with crafting art,

It’s hard to tell them apart.

Some quilts are fancy,

Some are ordinary,

Some are made of silk,

Smooth like milk;

Some are made of cotton

with many an elegant pattern;

While others are made of fiber,

Which shines a little bit brighter.


Z-A challenge (Q is 4 quilts)

ABC Wednesday (Q is 4 Quilts)

ABC Wednesday-O Is 4 Oranges…

Arugula Salad with Oranges and Avo

Field Greens With Oranges

Fresh Oranges

Moro Blood Oranges

Orange And Almond Cake

Tartine Confiture Orange

Salmon Oranges Olivies

Roasted Sweet Potato With Oranges

Pork Braised with Oranges

Oranges with Cinnamon

Oranges and Creamy Cookies

Orange Meat

Orange Salad

Orange Delight

Funny Oranges

Orange In The Sun

Orange Faces

ABC Wednesday O Is 4 Oranges, Enjoy!


Grace your curious mind

with something optimistic and kind,

Open up to options and opportunities at hand.

Haiku Height: Optimistic

One Single Impression: Grace

Sunday Scribblings, #238 – Curious

Happy Tuesday,

Enjoy my orange and poetry treats today! xxx