A Triangle Forms A Plane

Grab a pen,

Plus a piece of blank paper,

Follow my instruction, Listen,

Worry about other stuff later.

Draw a dot,

It makes a point,

Draw a different dot,

Connect both dots, not to disappoint.

Now, Excellent,

U have made a line segment,

To continue,

Draw a third dot apart from the line,

How special,

U r doing just fine.

Connect your 3rd dot to two ends,

You’ve got a triangle for your friends.

A triangle forms a plane,

You shall not need me to further explain.

To advance,

Draw a fourth dot on the paper outside of your triangle,

Connect it to the two dots closest to it, once,

You have made a quadrilateral.

Planes are flat,

Just like the wings of a bat.

A piece of paper is also a plane

with four right corners,

While a triangle is a plane

With three corners.

A stack of 500 piece of papers

is no more a plane,

It is a geometric  body for you to learn.

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31 thoughts on “A Triangle Forms A Plane

  1. You do enjoy Math. I like that. Not many people see Math as fun. I am glad you take the time to make it fun and make us learn at the same time. Hope you are having a great summer. I am plugging along. All is well. 😎

  2. I read it all the way through, Jingle, but as I HATE math and anything that
    relates to it, this was not my favorite of your wonderful poems.

    At 65, I’ve done it! My poetry book – Life’s Journey by Carmen Henesy – is out on Amazon! ( Poems about the things that have been important to me in my journey through life, some humorous, some sad, some that may have meaning to you as well )
    ( Check out the site and read reviews of what others
    have thought about my book )

  3. your math poems are plain awesome, Jingle!! I am making a note of them, so that when I have kids and need to explain these things to them, I can refer to your poems! Fun way to teach, and I am sure the kids will understand better this way too!!

    Thank you for this cool stuff, Jingle! You rock! 🙂

  4. If I have a triangle, do I really live on that plane?
    If I ask for control, do I have too much to gain?
    If I ask for openness, just how will people explain?
    Oh, this math is really too much for my brain!!!

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