You Are Invincible


Like the torch

In a moonless night,

You break the darkness, And

Guide me to the bright site.

Like the air

In the atmosphere,

You keep my dreams alive, by

Showing your support everywhere!

Like the rain

In early spring,

You give life’s meanings

To every living being!


You are the reason

The bells jingle;

You are the reason

All stars twinkle;

You are the reason

The birds whistle;

You are the reason

All children giggle!


Your words always ring true,

Your style is absolutely cool!

Your judgment is incredible,

You are invincible!

I know you care about your children, your parents, your spouse, your friends, and your life. You have been working hard to show the world that you do care, and you can make a difference in other people’s life. Thus, Believe it, You Are Invincible!

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16 thoughts on “You Are Invincible

  1. Hi Ji, this was beautiful, the imagery was so real one almost felt it, good rhyming, u are writing some lovely stuff and long may it continue, merry christmas..

    1. It is beautiful only when you read it with a beautiful mood.
      Thank you for the absolutely beautiful comments!
      Be Happy Rest of the December!

    1. Good morning, joyislife, how are you today?
      Thank you for the delightful comment, wishing you a day as joyful as your spirit!
      Good luck on your WORDS writing!

    1. Your favorite line above is written with YOU in mind, because you are the first one who showed support in me, you are the one who tolerates and accepts me as who I am, all the time. Appreciation is not always mentioned, but it is like the air, your kindness is about me, everywhere!

      Take good care!

    1. hello, dusty:

      I am happy to see you here, you look handsome and cool,
      your words make me feel good, thank you for being a positive and beautiful you.

      cheers, 😉

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