Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary 2 Amy

Please visit Amy at amy or Keeping up with the Schultz Family ..

She was married on August 26, 2006, today is her 4th wedding anniversary,  Jingle wish her a lovely Day… Amy, carrot cake, your favorite. Cheers!

The other day, Amy asked me to play a Back To School Tag game, The rule is to answer FIVE questions and tag those who may be willing to play:

What was your favorite back to school item to buy?

Ink pen, I consider writing with an ink pen is an enjoyment.

What was your favorite subject in school?

English or Chemistry

Did you ride the bus or get a ride from Mom/Carpool?

I live in countryside, I walk 5 minutes to school.

Do you have a sack lunch or cafeteria food?

I go home for lunch. There are 2 hours long lunch break.

What is your favorite memory from your school days?

I love to learn, I never complained about going to school.

I tag the following friends: (play and tag those who are not tagged, have fun)





Someone Is Special











Anyone who wish to play can play, I am not sure who really wanted to do it, sorry if I miss you, if you play, let me know…10Q…  😉

25 thoughts on “Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary 2 Amy

  1. Happy 4th Anniversary to Amy and her hubby!

    Jingle, thanks for the tag. I’m not sure when I can play it though. I’m hoping to get back to my feet soon and beat this fever and nasty cough. I’m just so glad to have made it to our rally. i enjoyed reading all those lovely poems.

    happy friday!

  2. Thanks for linking up to our last Family Fridays.. Great post again. I got carrot cake last night at a friends place and it was so amazing. Thanks for taking the time to join in with this Meme. I will still be hosting my Round Robin if you want to join in for that. Have a great weekend. Thanks again..

  3. Fun! I loved school.

    I walked to and from school.
    I went through periods of taking my lunch, eating cafe food, and finally in High School either going out to eat or whatever I felt like that day.

    Thanks for the memories.

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