Friendship Means A World 2 Me

The Best Weekly Photo Award from purplehater:

The Most Creative Blogger Award from Imagina

U R A Rare Friend Award from Hoiden:

Friends are the best award from dragonfliesandgoodsebumps:

and from Tastithoughts:

The Most Elegant Blogger Award from Riikainfinityy:

The Torch Bearer For Poets Award from Cindy:

Time flies, it is end of August, to celebrate love, birthdays, friendships, and the end of Summer, here, I take some awards from friends mentioned above and share them with ALL of U…

Happy End of August!

Anyone who read this post could claim three of the above awards without further notification from Jingle

Rules: take 3 of your choice and pass them to 1 to 10 friends.

PS: I take them trying to be fair to all of you because in the past, I have accepted other friends or poets’ award… thanks for thinking of me, xxx

Please feel free to visit these beautiful friends to enjoy their talent.








Friends are speical,

Friends are cool,

Friendship means a world 2 me,

Let’s get active and become friendly!