Roads Diverge In A Dark Wood Plus Happy Belated Birthday Wishes 2 Heartspell

Staring at the computer screen 4 too long rusts the eyes,

Listening 2 the similar music over and over numbs the ears;

One has to sum up the courage to bid necessary goodbyes,

Even if it means that you end up in oceans of tears.


Roads diverge in a dark wood,

One shall explore as far as one could.

The road you take may be less traveled by,

But the adventures will keep your spirits high.


Attempt a different method each time,

An out-raged dog may bark at you,

As long as you are free of any crime,

Bark back to show the power of you too.


My sanctuary is to take a morning walk

So that I enjoy a silent talk.

I smell gardens of flowers but never  pick one,

I sense the breeze on lawns but hurt none.


I welcome each day without a frown

As I travel a fresh part of the town.

As the sun begins to burn,

I am satisfied to make a new turn.


An Entry 4 imperfect prose And 4  Think Tank Thursday (Sanctuary) at

August 3 is a talented poet, Heartspell’s birthday, Happy Happy Belated Birthday, sorry for knowing it kind of late.

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Thank You and Happy Thursday 2 U All!