No Holds

The Reindeer in Heaven

Zooms from place to place,

Delivering love and joy

Beyond time and space!

The Whales in the ocean

Wonder from shore to shore,

To get rid of pollution

Dumped in the sea floor!

The blogger beside the laptop

Soars from blog to blog,

Searching for meanings in life

With full swing, No Stop!

The cars on the freeway

Race from near to far,

Driving toward destinations of dreams

Beyond the Northern star!

Fantasies VS fairy tales

Ideals VS Realities

No limitations,

No Holds!

2 thoughts on “No Holds

  1. hi Ji….

    firstly..THANK YOU for the comments on my work and my daughters picture she will be delighted, you are very kind..loved this festive feel good poem with so much hope and peace, u my friend are a remarkable writer… have a great day…

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