26 thoughts on “Haiku Heights (Slavery)

  1. I love this haiku! I wonder if the effect of the last line would be heightened if you tweeked two words in the middle line: By changing “your” to “you” and make “flower” plural , you’ll see what happens. Maybe that wasn’t the message you intended, but for some reason, that was how my mind read it. Either way, it’s a lovely haiku and gorgeous image.

  2. nice one…and i agree with brokenpenwriter….i read that one again with the changes suggested and it gave a more powerful resonance to your haiku….dignity stood out. in life too, dignity can lend so much beauty and grace, to even the most difficult situations. cheers1

  3. great last line, really had that a-ha moment. Not following the 5-7-5 syllables I see but doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this is a strong piece of micropoetry

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