Belly Laughs


How do you make a witch scratch?     (take away “w” from the word witch)


What is the center of gravity?       ( letter “v”)


Why was there thunder and lightening in the lab?   ( the scientists were doing_brainstorming_)


What did one candle say to the other candle?   (Let’s go out tonight! )


What goes around a pasture but never moves?  ( fence)


What kind of flower grows on your faces? (tulips)


what did one ghost say to the other ghost? (Don’t spook until you are spooken to! )


What two letters of the alphabet contain nothing? ( MT.)


What letter is found in a cup? (T.)

Happy Wednesday!

Do The Jingle Twister

I like the word Jingle, I choose it as my pen name because it represents my ideals and captures my desires: to live a life, with sound purposes and remarkable journeys.

I like studying WORDS, today I visited a few blogs that have WORDS tagged in, made a new friend who also loves words and does poetry, her name is joyislife! How exciting!

I write this Jingle Twister to demonstrate my passion in Word Games!

Jingle Juggle

Jiggle Jingle

Jingle Single

Wiggle Jingle

Jingle Sizzle

Puzzle Jingle

Jingle Mingle

Tickle Jingle

Jingle Twinkle

Giggle Jingle

Jingle Winkle

Wrinkle Jingle

Jingle Yingle

Whistle Jingle

Do the Jingle Twister, do you have any twisted fun?

It does not matter, I wanted to say, I love words, they make me feel rich and satisfied!

Wishing all of you a Grand Day Ahead!

How Do You Define Friendships?

Your choice of friends is very important to you, it reflects your judgment and illustrates your personal taste, life point of view, attitude, and goals about life. Friends are more like equals, friendships are mutual and are supposed to be healthy!

I describe my understanding of friendship as











It would be very interesting if guest visitors of this blog could join in and comment on your unique definition of friendship, we are all different, but we also share something in common.

Let’s call it Jingle’s Universal Friendship Club List!

No charge, no rules, no deadline! I will visit you easily after this list is complete and I know who you are out there. You become a member by commenting to demonstrate  friendship using words different than mine, if you come in late, you will have harder time to think of words that differing from all previous entries.

I know all my friends both in real life and online are better individuals who care about others more than I do…Let me know your intelligence and wisdom by responding to this posting! Great Fat Thanks In Advance!!!