The Wish to Be A Fish

Just like all of us, Fish come in different shapes and sizes, fish needs water the way human beings need air. Fish swim, no permanent homes, while humans do stay in a city for a few years, then move from state to state, or immigrate from country to country.

I like fish.

Words such as the following list portraying fish could be utilized to capture human beings are very rich and entertaining:

young fish, old fish;                   big fish, small fish;

short fish, tall fish;                    red fish, green fish;

fat fish, cat fish;                        square fish, round fish;

happy fish, sad fish;                   naughty fish, grumpy fish;

runaway fish, teenager fish;      ….

I tried to use three lines (Similar to Haiku) to describe myself as a fish, call it The Wish to Be A Fish!

As yellowish as gold,

I‘m a naughty little fish

Refusing to grow old!

I also tried another one:

I‘m a baby fish

That is fluffy, fatty,

And witty!

If you were a fish, what kind of fish do you want to be?

Happy Fish Wish Day to All!