What Thoughts Do You Occupy?

How do you see the world?

The idea that you cannot accept any criticism blocks you, the idea that the world is full of beautiful places delights you. The idea that it is always other people’s fault that your dreams can not come true closes you, the idea that you are open for fresh blood or novel friendships regardless one’s race, gender, age, background, and etc. benefits you.

Making decisions about the relation between the universe and you is crucial! It resembles picking what to post in your blog with a template of themes.  It sets the mood for your whole life experiences.  No matter  where you go, you carry your characters with a link, you are read and considered by the world.

You are in full charge of your own world view, the way you take full responsibility of your blog posts.

What thoughts do you occupy?

How do they form or create?

Why are they powerful?

A little decoration, a proper polish of your thinking and writing, a fruitful idea will brighten your day and reveals the beauty in YOU!

Pick your thoughts and publish it deliberately!

Happy Spring!

😉 😉 😉