The Celebrate Blogger Awards Plus Prayers 4 Viola

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Food/Cooking Award has the following winners:

Amanda, Artswebshow (Each 6 votes)

Michelle ( 5 votes)

Jamie Dedes (4 votes)

Amy at keeping up the.., Amy at Buen Provecho, The Only Cin (3 votes)

Barbara (2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Food/Cooking Honorable mention Award has the following winners:

Supagran, Hoiden, Colleen, Tandy, Koek, Willow, Opinions and Rectums (each 1 vote)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Humor Award has the following winners:

Doraz (11 votes)

Suzi (6 votes)

Wordwand (5 votes)

Shelia, G-man, Ibok, (Each 4 votes)

Comedy Plus, Shakira, Artswebshow, Trisha, Jannie Funster,  Jingle (Each 3 votes)

William, Thom, Sunny, Starla, Mama Zen, Secret Agent Woman, Dom*, Ishabelle, Pink Lady, Bananaz, Kathy (Each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Humor Honorable Mention Award has the following winners:

Sandra, Megzone, Dennis, Laughing Hard, Insights and Belly Laughs, Beyond the Blog, Redgodenchilc, Halkpint, Nrhatchm, Robiin, Realiverman (1 vote)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Art/Painting Award has the following winners:

Artswebshow (5 votes)

Trisha, Adam, Poet Traveler (Each 4 votes)

Nicole, Suznne, Joanny, Desiree, Jingle, JP, (Each 3 votes)

Jannie Funster, Feltlikeknitting, Lynn, Liz (Morganna), Heartspell, Dennis, Jamie Dedes, Amy at Keeping up the Schzule…, Noha, Fuck Yeah (Each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Art/Painting Honorable Mention Award has the following winners:

Gally, Wordwand, Soul Intention, Pat, Celebrating A Year, Megzone, Raj, Grandawl, Ilovepink, Artbythomas, Shakira,  C It My Way, Gaurav Sharma, Dancing Fresk, Redness, Ana, Leslie, Ciela Azul Jewelry (Each 1 vote)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Short Stories Award has the following winners:

Suzi (13 votes)

Hoiden, Kavita (11 votes)

Amanda, Trisha, William, Jingle (Each 10 votes)

Doraz, Fiveloaf, Ibok, Viola, (Each 9 votes)

Heartspell (8 votes)

Wordwand, Ishabelle, A Poem A Day, Poet Traveler, (7 votes)

Joanny, Megzone, Jessicas Japes, Collin, Sandra, Tracy, Dancingfreak, Rhythm of the soul (Each 6 votes)

C It My Way, Tim, Unexpectedintelltual, Celebrating A Year, D. S. Lear, Desiree, Artwebshow, Adam, Jamie Dedes, Pamela, Alan (Each 5 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Short Stories Runner-up Award has the following winners:

Edimio, Raj, Pinkjlady, J-star, G-man, Shoelessboywonder, Reedsss, Gally, Shakira (Each 4 votes)

Geardine, Patti, Mr. Stupid,, A New Day, Suzanne, Oscar, Kelly, Dismondsanddogs, Droagonsandgoosebumps, Claudia, Imagina, A Mother’s Tale, Sheri, Sweetanglenna, Passionate Fiction, Willow, Twinkle Twinkle (Each 3 votes)

Beyond the blog, Moondustwriter, Moe, Pete, Ms. Peachers, Maha, Marya, Lua, Robert cupcake poetry, The Only Cin, Betweenhearts75’s Blog, Blissbait, Adventure of a sober women, Commedy Plus, The Scented Statutory, Mirela, Creativity, Jannie Funster, Soul Intention, Anummunaf, JP, Oink, Kuhpinights, Art is my religion (Each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Short Stories honorable Mention Award has the following winners:

Dee, the walking man, when I was your age, Tara, Viddhi, one day at a time, creativity, Steveroni, Jade, Direkt, The Q. M,  girlfrom the Inn, Ms. Ott, Comfort Spiral, Shankha, The Guilding friends, unknown Mami, The BlaBla Blog, Creative Lee, View from the side, Beyond the years, Adeeyoyo, Let’s not go there, whateverfacotr, Newattitude, Colonialist, Tokeloshe, Everything and Nothing, Griginalnoomment’s Blog, Uphillwriting, Sonu, aardvarkin, De waal, Martin, Hootin’ Ann, Heartspeak, Val, Dewaldus’ Blog, BFG, Opoetoo’s Blog, Ever, Mid-thirty Misfit, Kimberly, Journojen, Lyndatjie’s Blog, susie (Each 1 vote)


As for short stories, to be fair, we have 36 winners, 50 runner-ups, and more than 40 honorable mentions

Thanks a lot for your participation, voting, and commenting…

Today, Rhythm of the soul has given me FRIENDSHIP awards,

Thanks for thinking of me, I take two of them and share here with everyone here, xxx.

you are amazing friend award

Friendship award


Family Is Special Award From Jingle

Fresh Flowers 4 U from Jingle

Thus, please feel free to take  awards you win, plus 4 general awards with you and share with your friends!

Well, life is full of tragedy and at times, we lose the one we love regardless how hard we try, this has happened today to

Viola, a poetry friend we all love and respect so much, she has been visiting and commenting for poets in the past few months and her contribution is invaluable for us. Jingle has enjoyed her friendship and comments very much.  I am sorry to tell you that her loving husband, Larry has passed away Sunday afternoon, what a sad news…

Please take a few minutes and visit viola to give her the comfort and support she deserves!


From Jingle 2 Viola

Peace and Love, From Jingle 2 Viola

You Are In Our Thoughts, From Jingle 2 Viola.

prayers for another friend who has passed away a few days ago,

Opinions and Rectums:

This blogging friend has passed away, I was shocked to find out today and he was nominated for Food award


The Celebrate Blogger of June Award Nomination Notice:

Sunday 160-As Music Dances

The conductor’s hands wave
As music dances,
and strings vibrate
in Violin, Cello, Viola, Bass…
Thunder alike claps roll from the mass
When the magic stops.


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on Monkey Man;)

I used the character calculator

The Drive Way Before Arriving The Quartz Mountain

Quartz Mountain Summer Art Institute Image

I took a small hike along the path on the foot of the mountain

This morning before going to the concert at 10am.

The Long Wooden Bridge Connecting The

Summer Art Camp Resident Area and the

Performing Art Center

The Performing Arts Center At QM

(I attended the concert here Saturday night at 8pm,

This morning (Sunday) they have a goodbye concert

at 10am)

Hello, I have gone to my older son’s music concert yesterday,

I have shown you some images (see above) I have been in and

I am glad to be home today… Thank You! I hope that your

weekend is fun and relaxing!

Let’s Send Love 2 Viola and Ibok Today

Thank You, Viola and Ibok, for being part of our community,

Please take good care and Happy Sunday!

😉 😉 😉

Please stop by Viola’s place at Viola

and Ibok’s Place at Emmanuel Ibok to say…

Viola, Ibok,…I am sending you an angel’s BIG HUGS along with prayers today.

I hope Larry, Your husband Get Well Day by Day,

I wish You, Ibok to Heal and Come Back To Us Soon after Today

We All care for you and wish you feel better in some way

And we will be here to love and support you all the way…

May your husband Larry get well

May  Ibok, You rest well and stay well ..

We love You, Viola and Ibok…..

We Miss You and Encourage You To Fight for Love

Overcome challenges and obstacles and rise above



Occupy Positive Will,

Smile A Great Deal,

Eat more each meal,

be real,

recover and find yourself smile,

feel love and feel Good,

Be normal in a short while…

Sequences of love, flowers, hugs, and prayers fly your way!…

Breaking News-Someone Will Be With You Shortly

A book to Share with You!

Jingles newest blogging buddy Katherine Krige at Katherine had her very first contest in the blog-sphere.

Here is what she said:

That’s right! For all of you lovely people out there that come by to visit and post a comment, I will throw your name into a hat for the chance at winning a copy of the book. Indeed! So just go over there to the comment link and leave me your two cents worth and an email address so that I can find you later, and you too can pester your family, pets or dust mites with the sounds of your mirth  as you flip the pages of Kogan’s book. Come one, come all…”

See more details at A New Day via link below: (April 28, 2010)

Katherine announced the winner on May 4, 2010:

Jingle has won the book titled Someone Will Be With You Shortly.

The book is in Jingle’s hand right now, today is May 10, 2010. What A Mircale.

Kathrine is a three times published author
Reworked Dreams; Shadows and Light, 1996
A Tick-Tock of the Clock on a Wednesday Night so Fine; The National Library of Poetry, 1997

Where the multi-media roam;
Odyssey: A Journey of a Lifetime; Two-page article, including pictures in the London Free Press, Dec 1996
*topic- recounting of my ten-month journey through the African continent through journal entries and pictures with an introduction written by herself.


Thank you, Kathrine, for joining our Thursday Poets’ Rally and for being supportive of Jingle.  Jingle is proud of your achievement and wishing you much success in near future. xxx

Gratitude With Attitude Award from Jingle

Princess Katherine Award

Butterfly Mom Award

Kathrine, The Three Awards from above Are for YOU. Enjoy!


Purple Angel from Viola

Pink Flowers from Doraz

From Alina:

From INKBox Illustrations:

From Shakira:

Me got award,tribute and nominations for you here. hugs shakira

Jingle is grateful for your kind intentions, you rock, Kathrine, Viola, Alina, and Shakira. xxx

I share the three gifts on the bottom with all of you.


For the Book Jingle receive  Someone Will Be With You ShortlyJingle is still reading it.

Due to the female perspective of the book, and the fairness to pick a winner, she decide to KEEP THE BOOK for herself. Apology goes to all of you, especially Jannie Funster who commented to win…

PEACE! Happy Day!

Have fun!

😉 😉 😉

Life Frightens Me No More (Happy Birthday, Viola)

Knocks on the door,

Shadows on the floor,

A goose on the loose,

Wild and bizarre tattoos,

Life frightens me no more.


Trashes on the floor,

Ghosts in a store,

A murder on the run,

A dangerous and modern gun,

Life frightens me no more.


I know you,

I know what’s true.

I make pies,

I allow you many tries.

Life frightens me no more.


Aliens in a fight,

Darkness at night,

Strangers in the park,

Green eyes in the dark.

Life frightens me no more.


Don’t scare me with wiggly worms,

Don’t force me into panic screams.

Life frightens me no more,

I only have fears in my dreams.


Happy 65th   Birthday To Viola!

Thank YOU for the support and love to Poets, Viola Tabor!

I write the poem for YOU and wishing you

A Very Merry Birthday!

😉 😉 😉

Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry