I Am Lucky 2 Live In The Best Possible Neighborhood!

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I am lucky to live in the best possible neighborhood,

Where one can always count on good mood.

On special occasions,

We will pay each other special attentions.

July 4th Parade,

Halloween trick and treat,

Everything is preprepared,

Everything makes one feel great!

Trust and friendships are maintained,

While respect and indivudual space are obtained.

We stay on our own homes almost all the time,

We alert one another if there exists a crime.

Each household has one’s lawn cut in timmely manner,

Chritsmas lights make the surroundings look even better.

The side walks are sparkly clean,

The grass looks charmingly green.

Kids are all well behaved,

Drive ways are perfectly paved.

I feel peaceful, and cheerful to live in where I am,

Welcome to my neightborhood, thanks to Uncle Sam.

__Jingle on June 21, 2010___

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Thursday Poets Rally Week 23 Poem Post-Perfect Poet Award Acceptance

Once a snowflake fell

On my brow,

I blinked my eyes

And it cries

And wet my eyes.

I liked it,

I missed it,

I kissed it,

I tasted it.

My act made its family happy,

One by one,

Two by two,

The snowflake’s siblings, cousins, and friends

Engulfed me.

They are so cool,

I got happy 2.

I squeezed them,

Loved my new friends,

The fun has No ends.

They feel No shame of being plain,

And transformed into spring rain.

Oh, My!

I got so very high,

And I did not realize why:

All of a sudden,

I was frozen!

Under the spring shower,

I turned into a flower.


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The Perfect Poet Award Week 22

Oh, Star.

If, in the light of things, you vanish

4 real, yet wanly withdrawn

2 a normal but outlandish

Relation, like the moon leaving before dawn

2 hide behind clouds.

I wish that you invisibly delight this  place.

Oh, star,

Double your compassion,

Maximize your dimension,

After dwan,

Before twilight,

From afar,

Direct the worst in us

Via chaos!

Sunday 160-Hold Hands

Take hands,
Accept friendship now,
Hold hands,
No worrying about love now,
Fasten fingers,
No thinking about how.
Fly a kiss,
Expel loneliness,
Let’s win this.


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Freedom Is Not Absolute

No string is attached now,

You have your wish come true

For being free like a cow.

Bless you.

You are free to fly

In the boundless sky.

But freedom is not absolute,

To remain free

And feel the joy of being free,

You must pick a space

On earth and make it your own place.

In this way,

When you fly away,

The earth shall rise

Along with you, no surrpise.

You thus give wings

to all the living things,

Especially children

And plants in your garden.

By Jingle on June 10, 2010

Happy Thursday!

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Sensational Haiku Wednesday/Thursday Poets Rally Week 22 Poem Post

I love carrots,

I love parrots,

I feed parrots carrots.


A brown hare

And a white bunny

call each other honey.


I am sweet, I am sweet

To a very important date

In an Easter Bunny Parade.


Hiding a white rabbit in a hat,

The magician takes a look at this and that,

Then jumps out a gray cat.


Red eyes,

Fluffy tail,

Enjoying a nap in a pail.


Sunlight shines,

Green grass whines,

A white bunny gets tans.


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Magpie Tale-1 2 3 do re mi

1 2 3,
do re mi,
1 2 3,
do re mi,
1 2 3 4 5 6 7,
do re mi fa sol la Si,

Ms. Linda’s voice keeps echoing in my ears. She was my 2nd grade music teacher in elementary school and had the sweetest voice any female could dream about.

“1 2 3 4 5 6 7 , do re mi fa sol la Si are pelicula sound of music, it is the tools to build a song.Once you have these basic elements in head, you can compose or sing thousands of millions of different tunes by mixing them up by random…”

Ms. Linda continued, she wanted to make sure that her students knew how music works.
And her efforts did pay off. The whole class loved singing during music time except me. I only opened my mouth and did not let my voice out.

At first Ms. Linda focused her eyes on me.

I continued failing to sing.

Then, Ms. Linda paused with a smile:” Someone did not sing along, please stop the silence.”

I still remained silence, this time, not even opening my mouth.

Now, Ms. Linda walked toward me after the class finished a full round.

“Joyee, you always have such natural smiles on your face when you walk into the class. I love seeing you in class and feel like smiling when I see you. I am sure
your voice is beautiful and adds credit to the class as a whole.”

My face turned red. I could not sing because the other day, when I tried to model a famous singer on TV, my best friend Lan told me that my voice was among the worst, I should never try to sing anything at all. I always trusted my friend and her words.
I agreed that I am never a singer and decided to stop singing at all.

Of course, I could not tell my reason in front of my classmates.

And I failed to sing along the whole class period.

Ms. Linda spoke to me in person in her office later that day. She forgave me after listening to my explanations.

“Joyee, you voice is very different from others, but this does not mean you are not a singer, you sing for fun, you sing for pleasure...most importantly, I believe that
you could become a folk song singer.”

I remembered her words until today. I have never become a famous singer or a singer with specialization on folk music, but it does not matter. For more than thirty years, I hear Ms. Linda’s encouraging words and never hesitate singing any song for fun. And I love music and enjoy attending concerts all my life.

Two years ago, Ms. Linda committed suicide.

She has developed her career very successfully and has become the principle of the school after 20 years of excellence in teaching. but, as a female, she has faced doubts, questions, and personal attacks.

According to rumor: The major reason for her suicide is that her husband has filed a divorce case against her due to his assumption that she has had an love affair with the school superintendent, a powerful male who used to be a language art teacher in the same elementary school.

And they are close colleagues for more than a dozen years.

I don’t care what has led Ms. Linda’s death. I value her for her encouragement and care for her students. I never have kept in touch with her personally, but her words sing in my head for my life time.

I bought a statue with a girl singing proudly and it reminds me of Ms. Linda.

I wrote this poem for my lovely music teacher Ms. Linda,
May peace and love be with her.

I heard you singing when the dawn was near,
With silver dews eagerly waits for the sun to appear.
You sing all day through,
With the sun drinking up the dew.
You continue to sing during evening hours,
Your voice lulls both animals and flowers.
your song sounds like sweet and yummy ice creams,
I trust that your singing echos lovers’ dreams.
Satisfied, when all the obstacles are cleared,
All of a sudden, the spell of your song has disappeared.
All alone,
Without your lovely song,
I am ready for everything that lies ahead,
I move forward, no fears or dread.

By Joyee on June 8th, 2010/Tuesday.


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Discover Jingle, Be Cool!

The talent of her writing has yet to be mined,

The themes of her blogs are to be defined.

Her posts are of abundance,

The ups and downs,

Which may neither satisfy the lurkers,

Nor folks among towns.

Discover Jingle,

Allow yourself mingle.

Let your thoughts fly,

Shoot global rockets

Where you explore the sky.

Rumors about her may be many,

She never meant to be too silly.

Give it a try,

Hello and Goodbye.

I beg you,

Discover Jingle,

Be cool!


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I Have Found Where I Belong

In every town and city,

In every shopping mall,

In gatherings and meetings,

I search human beings,

Hoping to find

Beautiful mind

Friendly and tall.

At times,

I read mysterious stories,

I stare at the distant stars,

Wondering about why guys have interests in bars,

And enjoy dangers

By playing pranks with strangers.

I hold my head high

For not stopping by.

For you have risen into my life,

You treat me sweetly,

You prove it that you are upright and cool convincingly,

Like the promising sun on the rise,

You bring tears to my eyes.

I have grown happy and strong,

Because I have found where I belong.