Tomie DePaola (Tommy Da Pow La): Children’s Book Author and Artist

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Tomie and Brönte in car

Photograph of Tomie dePaola and his dog, Brontë © by Julie Maris/Semel
Although no seatbelts were used during this photo session, the car was not moving during the photo session. Remember to always use seatbelts, and never drive with a dog on your lap.

Tomie dePaola (pronounced Tommy da-POW-la) is best known for his books for children.

He’s been published for over 40 years and has written and/or illustrated nearly 250 books, including Strega Nona, 26 Fairmount Avenue, The Art Lesson, and Christmas Remembered. Over 15 million copies of his books have sold worldwide.

Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise is his newest book. Strega Nona’s Gift will be published in Fall, 2011.

Tomie dePaola and his work have been recognized with the Smithson Medal from the Smithsonian Institution, the Kerlan Award from the University of Minnesota for his “singular attainment in children’s literature,” and the Regina Medal from the Catholic Library Association.

He was also the United States nominee in 1990 for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in illustration. The American Library Association has honored him with a Caldecott Honor Book, a Newbery Honor Book, and the 2011 Laura Ingalls Wilder Award for his “substantial and lasting contribution to literature for children.”

The University of Connecticut, Georgetown University and Pratt Institute, among others, have granted him honorary doctoral degrees. In 1999, he was selected for the New Hampshire’s Governor’s Arts Award of Living Treasure.

Tomie dePaola lives in New London, New Hampshire, with his Airedale terrier, Brontë, and works in a renovated 200-year-old barn.

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A Thankful Poem 4 Mom

My mom is a Panda protecting her cubs,

My mom feels like a warm pillow,

My mom smells like love,

My mom is nice like an angel,

My mom’s chocolate chip cookies cheer me up on

a gloomy and windy day,

My mom looks like a rose.


Imperfect Prose

Poets United

Monday’s Child

Carry On Tuesday


PS:This poem is written by a 7 year old boy named Tom.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

😉 😉 😉

I Am The Desert

I am the desert

When I feel the burning hot sun,

when I hear the coyotes howling,

When I touch the hot smooth sand,

When I see painted sand,

I am the desert.

Hello, How Are YOU?

This poem “I Am The Desert” is written

by a fourth grader named TOM, I attached

his original piece and hope that you give

the young poet some encouragement, 😉

Thank YOU for the visit!

Happy Thursday !  😉 😉 🙂

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A Poem For Mom By Tom

My mom is a Panda protecting her cubs,

My mom feels like a warm pillow,

My mom smells like love,

My mom is nice like an angel,

My mom’s chocolate ship cookies cheer me up on a bad day,

My mom looks like a rose.

PS: A Poem For Mom is written by a boy named Tom on Mother’s day in his 2nd grade class. He was lucky to have Ms. Wisdom as his teacher, who encouraged the class to write poems, adventure stories about their favorite pets. I did not change a word, it is Tom’s original work and I am prod of his pure love for his mom.

I dedicate this poem to all Moms, either you are a mother-to-be, or a mother now, including those who have chosen to adopt children and threat them as their own.  Moms are great in your children’ eyes, don’t you?

Today is also Tom’s birthday, Happy birthday, Tom! You are a joy to have, you spread positive energy all over the places via your sensitive eyes, tender mind, and cute heart. Thank you for writing this beautiful poem for your mom, and for moms all over the world to share.

It is Christmas, Jesus’ birthday, thus, Merry Christmas to you all.