Then, A Cricket Chirred! (Jingle’s Entry 4 Poets Rally Week 24)

The sound of music rings in my ears,

Visualizing dancing tigers, lions, and deers,

I am moved to tears.

Deep in the woods, something stirred,

I thought it was a woodpecker that I heard,

Then, a cricket chirred.

I hiked on the mountain as the morning sun rose,

A gardener smiled at me while holding a hose,

My heart raced as I continued the path I chose.

The lake grins repeatedly under the morning breeze,

Lost in the beauty, I stand and freeze,

Forgetting how to sing my praise…

Sensational Haiku Wednesday/Thursday Poets Rally Week 22 Poem Post

I love carrots,

I love parrots,

I feed parrots carrots.


A brown hare

And a white bunny

call each other honey.


I am sweet, I am sweet

To a very important date

In an Easter Bunny Parade.


Hiding a white rabbit in a hat,

The magician takes a look at this and that,

Then jumps out a gray cat.


Red eyes,

Fluffy tail,

Enjoying a nap in a pail.


Sunlight shines,

Green grass whines,

A white bunny gets tans.


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