Love Restores Harmony And Balance

There is No rift too large to be repaired,

There is No distance too great to be closed,

Fear No broken relations,

Despair No rocky moments,

Simply love,


And give.

Your heart’s folly will be mended,

Love heals wounds,

Love restores harmony and balance,

Love cures the woes of frustration,

Love reduces the pains of loss,

Love leads YOU to wisdom and prudence.

Brim your heart with love,

Say sweet words,

Keep your promises.

When your heart is full

of Love,

You are selfless.

When you are selfless,

Your kindness will win kindness,

Your goodwill will meet goodwill,

Your love will be returned in full swing!


Hello, how are YOU?

Do YOU believe in the power of Love?

Happy Thursday to YOU!

Have FUN in the Rally!

😉 😉 😉