Keep The Nature of WORDS Beautiful

You love The Nature of Mother Earth, you make efforts to keep it from getting polluted, abused, or destroyed.

Have you ever thought about The Nature of WORDS, or The Landscape of WORDS, and attempted to protect it from getting damaged, misused, or polluted?

While you admire the physical world and its spectacular wisdom and beauty, but you may not have enough time and energy to actually travel all those places or attractions and snapshot all the amazing views you see. With modern technology, you can space travel via internet and most importantly, you spend majority of time soaring online scanning places and locations that may interest you. What you read will impact your review and , as a result, you make next vacation destinations based on what you have experienced previously via visual tools.

Take blogging for an example, you make friends by visiting blogs, the presentations each blogger provides will either dull you away or keep you coming back for more….no matter what kind of blog you stop by, the blogger must have written WORDS purely, if not, written expressions must have provided to demonstrate or explain videos, photos, poems, or book reviews on foods, pets, humans, and the universe. WORDS are applied everywhere, in the colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, purple…

White plain WORDS almost have the same power as colored words.

WORDS of doubting, accusing, attacking, teasing, bullying, or bullshitting is deconstructive.  Nobody wants to read a post that threats and mistreats the visitors, NO one wants to support WORDS that show cruelty, coldness, disrespect, and carelessness. Not everyone enjoys WORDS that whine, yell, mislead, confuse, litter, or illustrating selfishness and isolation.

To build a First-Class world in literature, you, I, they, we must work together to stop the WORDS abuses and promote WORDS EFFICIENCY, WORDS WISDOM, WORDS POLLUTION FREE, …

You know WORDS well, you can control the usage of WORDS so that the world of reading, writing, and communicating is more enjoyable.

Keep The Nature of WORDS Beautiful!

PS: Words-words-words-words…> , words form a sword, WORDS have power on us, you must learn how to manipulate WORDS to gain control in life, SWORDS are also powerful, a surgeon with a scalpel could save one’s life or do vital damage to an important organ. Not everyone is a surgeon, but all of us has the power to manage WORDS that could serve to heal, or hurt. WORDS of encouragement help people keep HOPE alive, WORDS of nature walk paint a view so that you talk a tour in the scene, and enjoy the beauty of nature through the writer’s point of view.

Q: Which one is more powerful, A WORD or A SWORD? Why?

Please feel free to share your thoughts, thank YOU for the involvements in making blogging and verbal communications a better experience.