What Do You Think Of Water?

Water can form a pool

To keep you cool;

Water can be the steam

To power the train along the stream.

Water becomes the tears

When you weep over life’s fears;

Water is the dewdrops

When you audit and learn lessons in life’s workshops.

Water sacrifices

When bitter coldness force it into ices,

Water can be the flood

That bullies your souls!

Water enables plants grow

When warm sunlight melts the snow,

Water can be plain

To keep thirst from hurting your brain!

Water is here,

Water is there,

Water is everywhere

For you to enjoy, and


What do you think of water?

Water to fish is air to human, water exists in our lives everywhere and all the time, if you could describe water using one sentence, what would you say!

Let’s say Thank you to water, let’s pray for water to appear as useful resources instead of disasters such as floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes and so on.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!