Spring Haiku (1-8)

What is Haiku?

If U are new, click here to learn about Haiku and in how to write one, good luck.

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And Rains

Are what spring brings.



Is when

The fun and life begin.


Doors open

The air is fresh,

Fountains splash.


It is spring time,

Farms plow,

Trees sprout.


I would like

Ride a bike

And go on a hike.



About spring

In a fling.


Snow and ice  melt

Buckle your seat belt

Drive with NO guilt.


Schools keep open,

Hens r ready to hatch chicken,

Blossoms wave hello in the garden.


Hello, How R U?

What is your favorite thing to do during spring time? Which Haiku do U like most?

Happy Tuesday 2 U all, Smiles! 😉 🙂 😉