october write day 20, my try to love poetry at panama, south america plus a short story which is unfit to bluebell

OctPoWriMo 2015

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our past, sweet love,
our present, embracing love,
tenderness, happiness, that’s love to you,
hope that your love last

a happy communication infused with silent joy,
intimacy counts, for caring
heart…occupied by your big love
that passion shall sail like a white dove

warmth of unexpected attention,
passions… inflamed … under your pillowcase,
igniting fire by your eyes
the converging point …feverishly burning love


strength… the bond of a relation
love vespers … cute soft figure tips
remote glance…love of intelligence
unspoken payments…love of responsibility


ghostly, our parents, or grandparents speak
of absolute peace, grace, wit, and space,
the world is small
when your love conquers multiple layers of peppers

the dark swirl

she falls asleep without desires from her man, and awakes with a startling feel, seeing a dark swirl pulling from her chest, a big horror of unknown force converges within, she closes her eyes, opens her eyes, and finds her strength to open the room light, so that dark spirits can escape her…
daylight is our friend, and when night comes home, we must have electricity and have powerful will to stay in bright space so that evil thoughts evaporate, and that’s how we learn about positive energy and avoiding walking in woods after dusk.

Short Story Slam Week 6

Week 6 Prompt: http://bluebellbooks.blogspot.com/2011/07/short-story-slam-week-6-childrens.html


To the puppy,

Running fast and free makes him happy;

To the elephant,

Moving forward one step at a time is important;

“Let’s play hide and seek.”

Suggests the puppy,

Too bad the elephant could not win

Because he is too big to be unseen;

“Let’s swim cross the creek.”

Asks the elephant,

So sad that the puppy can not swim,

and he instantly begin to scream…

They are made different,

It’s impossible for them both to be excellent…

To keep each other’s company,

They must learn how to respect each other beautifully.


Short Story Slam Week 5


Short Story slam Week 5


School is over, time for summer vacation.

Mom had made a decision,

I must stay at my grandma’s house,

where I have no way to use a computer mouse.

I refused to eat,

But starved to death without drink/meat;

Eventually, I admit,

I have to get used to country living indeed.

I drink tomato soup with egg drops,

I eat wheat sandwiches with lettuces, no soda pops,

I pluck eggplants and milk cows,

I collect eggs and listen to cats’ meows …

Mornings content No traffic noises at all,

But the roosters’ call,

But that’s Not all.

Free from internet,

No more text messages or online chats,

My life has turned 180 degrees you bet,

I find myself in love with chickens and cats…

Breathing the freshest air  in the vegetable garden,

I feel like living in HEAVEN, I beg your pardon.

Grandma’s stories make me learn,

Knowledge is something priceless to earn;

The seed for growth is sowed,

as this story is told.

As I show off my own little tree,

I see the pride in the eyes of my Mom, Hurray!!!

Short Story Slam Week 4

She loves sailing, water is her passion.

Life could not be better until all of a sudden, her father died.  She is the only child in the family, her father’s business that worthy 1 billion dollars ends up in her hand, according to her father’s will.

She is only 22 yeas old then, freshly graduated from college.

Having no clue how to mange a company of 8000 employees, she is forced to study, read project proposals, ask branch managers for details and more…ending up sleeping 5 hours a day.

She becomes slim, yet elegant.

After 6 months, she basically has everything in perfect shape.

It’s Independent day, she wants to celebrate a little bit, inviting her boy’ over…

But as she comes to his apartment to give him her free self, surprising him, she saw him with another girl, and the girl is her best friend.

The world has turned upside down again…

She deserted the place, like a man running away from bumble bees…

She almost wants to kill herself, but, she remembered her own life time principle:

“if one blames others for one’s own failure, one is never going to make progress,  it is her own responsibility to make her life happy…”

She writes him off her life that day.

And she goes to the sea all by herself, sailing, smiling, feeling and enjoying a new chapter.

Written for short story slam week 4:


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Magpie Tales

Short Story Slam Week 2-What Does Ruby Want?

Ruby’s birthday is only a week away, she is going to be 10.

Here he is, Tom, Ruby’s Dad, on his way to buy his daughter a birthday gift. Thinking of the excitement on Ruby’s face, Tom runs faster, with his horse Nally.

Life on prairie could be dangerous. Wolves, bandits and natural disasters may hit them unexpectedly. It is end of May here, the temperature is fitting, but there was a tornado two days ago near their hometown  and the family is safe because they have a shelter underground, some food supplies plus bottled water are stored there.

It’s getting hard and harder to come up with a birthday gift for Ruby. She almost has everything a girl ever dreamed of: loving parents, teddy bears, Barbie dolls, a kitten, and a puppy…her Mother Sarah has been home-schooling Ruby….and now, she is getting a pony. Life could not be better.

Tom is wrong, Ruby is depressed for quite some years now, she is a girl growing up barely getting out of her home, despite times she spends outdoor playing with her puppy or kitten.

Ruby wants something, something she could hardly think of it concretely.

Here is a list of things that might help Ruby:

1):  a friend of her age

2): going to public school

3): a younger sibling

4): living in a city

Can you add yours if none of the above works in your personal perspective? What do you want if you were Ruby?

Have  fun!


My entry for Short Story Slam Week 2:


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Into The Distance I Look (3rd Entry 4 Short Story Slam)

Along the river we run,

The scenes in sight are fun,

Reindeers, peacefully enjoy a walk,

Birds, cheerfully singing to talk.

Of creatures that are about,

The swimming ducks truly stand out,

Into the distance I look,

Cheery blossom hang above the brook.

Clouds, quietly sail by,

The Sun, naughty and shy.

Of the joy and pain you obtain,

An adventure on a hot air balloon

will keep you from living in vain.


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A short story (4 short story slam)

Supported by twin brother,

Cared for by widowed mother,

Ben has achieved the highest education,

And married princess Quinn of the nation.


Ben and Quinn are a perfect pair,

while Ben worked as an officer.

Together their happiness grow,

The expression on their faces always glow.


Their magical marriage lasted only three months long,

Before Ben accidentally fell off a hot air balloon and gone.

To keep fame and money from vanishing,

Dan is encouraged to be Ben, how astonishing.


Dan does not have the intelligence Ben has had,

But he looks exactly like Ben as sons of their Dad.

Dan and Quinn eventually fall in love,

Life seems as innocent as a dove.


Three years later comes a surprise,

Things become touchy as truth rise:

Ben did not die,

His coming home makes everyone cry.


Mother is excited with fears,

Dan is shocked with tears,

Quinn is showered with guilt,

Ben is swept by insult.


Each member begins self-blaming,

Nobody knows the solution.

Ben has lost everything,

Part of him still wants back his official position.


The incident is passed to the Queen,

Princess Quinn wants both Ben and Dan to win.

But family taboo only permits ONE single man,

Sadness towers Quinn like a sharp pin.


The Queen is determined to cover the truth,

and she managed to sentence Ben to death.

Ben’s mother killed herself in deep grief,

leaving Dan and Quinn alive in disbelief.


PS:this is a sad story, handsome and intelligent Ben has changed his fate with the support of his twin brother and widowed mother, and married the fairest girl, Princess Quinn, yet, an accident has everything changed for good, he fell off the hot air balloon during a family vacation, and considered dead by his loving family.

Quinn wants to be rich and wealthy as usual, she came up the idea of making a false announcement that it is Dan who is dead, her hubby Ben is still alive, thus she begins to live with Dan, the pretending “Ben”, and their faked marriage actually flourished, they fall in love and behave like a real couple, a baby is on the way, as the family celebrate and enjoy life’s sunshine, Ben suddenly appeared.

Ben did not die, he survived and was sentenced to the jail for three years for claiming himself as Ben the son in law of the King  at a locale state, because everyone knows that  “Ben” is in the capital city doing his duty happily. His homecoming did not increase joy to the family, fears, sadness, and guilt mixed with love, it is hard to choose what to do next, until the Queen decides to save the FACE of her royal family and make the real prince Ben die …

Ben is innocent, but truth does not serve/save him, even his best friend has to tell lies in the court to protect himself, POWER wins over justice…

This is part of life!



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