Short Story Slam Week 7

Short Story Slam Week 7:

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As a loner, being single and unemployed, John makes a living by buying used books from college students /professors with least costs and resells them to book stores, he always reads fictions before he lets them go, especially books on fantast or magic,  and he enjoys  day dreaming and  believes in magic!

Now he is 45, yet has never touched a woman and not sure how to get one, precisely, he believes that magical adventure is his lifetime love, women are either too bossy or too dependent to arouse his interests…

This summer is super long for John, he is aging and his one room apartment is not organized, the increased temperature makes his life almost unbearable…

“Can magic happen to me? I wish for some excitements…” John murmurs to himself, laying in his single old bed, on this last day of July.

That’s when a strong wind comes knocking at his door, and a force flows in and takes him.

John is flying, with no wings!

He feels like screaming, yet has no strength to let out a cry.

The next thing he knows is that he is on a coconut tree in a jungle, about 20 feet high, with a ripen banana in his hand, and he smells like monkey.  His face turns RED when he finds himself naked, with a group of monkeys standing below the tree, grinning at him.

John is not sure what to do. He wishes to dig a hole and dive in…after a few seconds of embarrassment, he decides to jump down and kill himself…and he throws the banana toward another tree, and lets himself fall, toward the ground.

He is ready to die.

But, half way from the ground, something snatched John and again, he is flying, this time with a strange bird under his body.

Strong wind hits his cheeks, his face changes shape and he feels like screaming again, but no voice comes out of his mouth!

When John eventually has his feet on earth, he hears soft music, and more startling, he is dancing with the fairest lady on earth, near a beach…only two of them, under the romantic moon light…

“I’ve never learned how to dance.”  John tries to stop what he is doing.

“You dance like a pro.” Her voice is sweet, making his heart jump!

“Who are you? Why are we here?” John tries to find his conciseness, blushing…

“I’m your friend.”  She smiles, putting her body closer to John.


John has this strange feeling, he is doing something he has never wished to do or has no desire to do, yet, he has lost his courage to stop doing it.  A shock of electivity flashes cross his body and he has to admit that he actually loves it.

The air smells of wine and a cloud hides half of the moon.

The music has stopped itself, and John and his friend have stopped dancing at the same time.

“I have to go home.”  John tells himself.

But his hands has pulled his friend closer,  and he squeezes her cheeks gently and begins to kiss her.

John  finds himself laying at his same old bed, all sweaty when the ring of the doorbell wakes him up.  It’s a client who wishes to sell him his used books.

He still recalls what has happened to him, and it is in his dream.

PS: this is a fiction, hope that you enjoy reading it.

The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Awards (Art, Humor, Cooking, plus Short Stories)

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Food/cooking: The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Award In Food/Cooking has the following winners:

Buttercup600 (7 votes)

Barbara ( 7 votes)

Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved (6 votes)

Cindy (4 votes)

Amy (4 votes)

Willow ( 3 votes)

Michelle (3 votes)

Kavita (2 votes)

Hoiden (2 votes)

Carol Ann Hoel (2 votes)

Art/painting: The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 award in Art/Painting has the following  30 winners:

RiikaInfinityy (10 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka ( 6 votes)

Trisha ( 5 votes)

SmArtee (5 votes)

Dancingfreak (5 votes)

Celebrating a Year ( 4 votes)

liv2write2day ( 4 votes)

Megzone ( 4 votes)

Dustus (Adam) (4 votes)

Artswebshow ( 4 votes)

Ladynimue ( 3 votes)

Rajlakshmi ( 3 votes)

Doraz ( 3 votes)

Dasuntoucha ( 3 votes)

Thysleroux ( 3 votes)

lesliepaints (3 votes)

Jingle ( 3 votes)

Joanny ( 3 votes)

Bing (PinkLady) ( 3 votes)

Amy ( 3 votes)

Leo (Leonnyes) ( 3 votes)

Tasithoughts (3 votes)

PurpleHatter ( 3 votes)

Scent of my heart ( 3 votes)

Heather grace stewart ( 3 votes)

Suzanne ( 3 votes)

Purvi ( 3 votes)

Noha (3 votes)

Lyn ( 3 votes)

Madeleine ( 3 votes)

Art/painting:The following bloggers have won The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 in Art/painting Honorable Mention Award:

Amanda/buttercup, Imagination, Kathe W, Fyodor Lewis, Kristen, Mellisa, Shewriting, Imagina, Someone is special, Babara, Talon, Olivia, Joef, The reason you come, Desiree, Alethea, Ilovepinks, C it my way, Redness, expressive world, Jannie Funster, Thea, My crazy life, Wanjikun, G-man, Catnip, Kathy, Tanka, Jerry, Tim, Thoam, Ashbeezone, Ishabelle (1 or 2 votes)

Humor: The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 in Humor Award has the following winners:

Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved ( 9 votes)

Leo (Leonnyes) ( 8 votes)

Nanka ( 7 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka ( 6 votes)

TALON ( 6 votes)

Jingle ( 6 votes)

Liv2write2day ( 5 votes)

Artswebshow ( 5 votes)

Someone Is Special ( 5 votes)

Doraz ( 5 votes)

Sumit Sarkar ( 5 votes)

lovelyannie79 ( 4 votes)

Kavita ( 4 votes)

Bing (PinkLady) ( 4 votes)

Vibhuti B ( 4 votes)

William ( 4 votes)

Emmanuel Ibok ( 4 votes)

Megzone ( 4 votes)

Scent of my heart ( 4 votes)

Sunny ( 4 votes)

G-man ( 4 votes)

Buttercup600 ( 4 votes)

RiikaInfinityy ( 4 votes)

Bananazஇ ( 3 votes)

Thom ( 3 votes)

Sheila ( 3 votes)

Olivia ( 3 votes)

Dr Madan Goyal ( 3 votes)

Ashbeezone ( 3 votes)

Deadpoet88 ( 3 votes)

Dan ( 3 votes)

Gracefulglider ( 3 votes)

Timoteo ( 3 votes)

Jessica ( 3 votes)

Shashi ( 3 votes)

Jerry ( 3 votes)

♥ Kathy ( 3 votes)

Humor:The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 In Humor Honorable mention Award has the following winners:

Thysleroux, angela, Wordsalad, Bodhirose, Willow, Tim Keeton, Tweety, Dancing freak, Tasithoughts, Thoughtsnotlost, Trisha, Christopher, Chamz, the reason you come, heather, lunna, Dennis, wordwand, beyond the blog, Ishabelkle, comedyplus, Tracy, Kellie, Celebrating a year, Caribbean fool, Chris G., words4afriend, Fiveloaf, Amy (1 or 2 votes)

Short stories:The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Award in short stories Winners  ( 34 bloggers)

Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved ( 15 votes)

Kavita ( 12 votes)

TALON ( 11 votes)

Leo (Leonnyes) ( 11 votes)

Someone Is Special ( 11 votes)

Jingle ( 11 votes)

Scent of my heart ( 10 votes)

Olivia ( 10  votes)

Buttercup600 ( 9 votes)

RiikaInfinityy ( 9 votes)

Fiveloaf ( 9 votes)

Deadpoet88 ( 9 votes)

Liv2write2day ( 9 votes)

Dan ( 8 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka ( 8 votes)

Trisha ( 7 votes)

Vibhuti B ( 7 votes)

Ashbeezone ( 7 votes)

Bodhirose ( 7 votes)

Kellie Elmore ( 7 votes)

Celebrating a Year ( 7 votes)

Tracyhsays ( 6 votes)

William ( 6 votes)

Revbillcook ( 6 votes)

Life: Between the lines ( 6 votes)

Tasithoughts ( 6 votes)

Emmanuel Ibok ( 6 votes)

Thoughtsnotlost ( 6 votes)

Nanka ( 6 votes)

Dancingfreak ( 5 votes)

lovelyannie79 ( 5 votes)

Glory ( 5 votes)

Chris G. ( 5 votes)

Dennis ( 5 votes)

Alethea ( 5 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 runner-up award in short stories has the following winners:

Jessica ( 4 votes)

Caribbean Fool ( 4 votes)

Bing (PinkLady) ( 4 votes)

Booguloo ( 4 votes)

LeiffyV ( 4 votes)

Sam373 ( 4 votes)

Industrialarts ( 4 votes)

Angela Cohan ( 4 votes)

Shashi ( 4 votes)

Sumit Sarkar ( 4 votes)

Tweety ( 4 votes)

Gracefulglider ( 3 votes)

Dr Madan Goyal ( 3 votes)

Teresa ( 3 votes)

Haisley ( 3 votes)

Fairygodsister ( 3 votes)

Megzone ( 3 votes)

The Reason You Come ( 3 votes)

Words4Afriend ( 3 votes)

Luke Prater ( 3 votes)

Curtis Honeycutt ( 3 votes)

Chamz (3 votes)

Mr. Mojo Risin ( 2 votes)

River ( 2 votes)

( 2 votes)

bward42 ( 2 votes)

Eaton Bennett ( 2 votes)

Pat Cegan ( 2 votes)

Fillingahole ( 2 votes)

Artswebshow ( 2 votes)

Hoiden ( 2 votes)

Nimue ( 2 votes)

Tootsie ( 2 votes)

Lu Ann ( 2 votes)

Heather grace stewart ( 2 votes)

jargnar ( 2 votes)

Gwen Dubeau ( 2 votes)

heartspell ( 2 votes)

Carol Ann Hoel ( 2 votes)

Dom* ( 2 votes)

G-man ( 2 votes)

~Drew ( 2 votes)

Rajlakshmi ( 2 votes)

wiserskydiver ( 2 votes)

Willow ( 2 votes)

Gnarlyoak ( 2 votes)

Chick Under Construction ( 2 votes)

Doraz ( 2 votes)

Julielaing ( 2 votes)

The story book ( 2 votes)

Sending up joy ( 2 votes)

The following bloggers plus those who are nominated in the post ( see link below) have won The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 honorable mention in short stories..

Gally Lines ~



thoughtful delights 🙂

Out Of Context: pieces of a life





Shigune Matsui


Naba Kumar Barman



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I have no control of the outcome, if your link is included in the nomination post, you win The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 In Short Stories honorable Mention Award, all other awards are specified with names and please look 4 your name and enjoy!

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Magpie Tale #40-True Love Is Beyond Everything

Qin feels restless whenever she comes to her father’s study and looks at his books.

She is twelve now, living  with her father and her nanny, her mother died when she was  8 years old, and her father loves her so much that he has refused to the opportunities to remarry, despite that fact that he is a decent general of locale government in south of the country. They have a wealthy mansion, garden and pool are only a few minutes walk away from home.

She dreams of going to more advanced studies at the capital city, yet, her father always says NO, which makes her feel disappointed and hurt. Money is not the issue, her gender is, at that time, girls are not supposed to learn much due to tradition.

“I would say 100 YES if you are a son, my child.” Father’s words keep resounding in Qin’s ears,  making her wish that she were born a boy.

Her nanny, Sue,  is a smart young girl who is only 3 years older than Qin is. She knows what Qin wants, and she came up with an idea.

Together, Qin and Sue convinced the old general and they dressed up as males and started their journey to the North.

Qin has studied away from home for three full years, she met an intelligent classmate Bin and they call each other brothers….Bin has no clue of Qin’s true identity, yet, he enjoyed their time together, discussing problem during their studies, climbing mountains when they were free…They both earned many honors and ranked first class scholars .

By the end of three years, Qin falls madly in love with Bin. While Bin has no clue of who Qin really is and he took her passion in him as brotherly love.

Back at Qin’s home, her father worried about his only daughter Qin very much. He was busy with his duties, yet has kept in touch with Qin via hand written letters. And he had a huge plan for Qin: find a rich and highly ranked young fellow to marry his daughter, until then, he would not consider himself getting a wife, although he is old and does need someone to love and take good care of him.

Eventually, Qin responded to her old father’s letter and decided to come home. Her father truly needed her.

Bin and Qin walked a long way before their departure. Along the way, Qin wanted to tell Bin she is a girl in disguise and she loves him, yet, she could not do it. She pointed at the temple near by, asking for them to pray together, Bin is silly like a goose, he simply could not get her.

Finally, Qin is home and her father is excited to see her daughter grow taller, look more elegant,  she is about 16 years old now, at that time, it is a good time for her to get married.

Bin went back to the same school, trying to continue another year of studies, yet he felt empty and lonely without Qin beside. And to his huge surprise,  he discovered a letter from Qin, it says: come to see me in my house as soon as the winter semester is over.  I have found a perfect wife for you.  A necklace is inside the envelope…

Back at Qin’s home, Qin’s father dropped a bomb news while she was sewing and thinking of what’s Bin would think when he comes to see her and find out that she is a girl, not a guy.

Upon Qin’s father’s announcement of her arranged engagement with Mia, a man she never knows and feels for, Qin’s world turned upside down. She fell silent and irresponsive…All she can think of is Bin.

Bin flies all the way to see Qin. He has fears,  yet his longing for Qin makes him brave. He finally figured out that Qin is the wife he is promised. And He treasured the necklace and looked at it whenever he thought of Qin and her wit and her care and her smiles…

Qin’s father repeated his standings to Qin once again before giving permission for them to meet face to face at Qin’s garden home: parents decide your marriage, no other options.

Seeing Bin smiling all over at her, her heart winces with pain. How wrong for her to say NO while she knows Bin is the one she truly wants…

Back and forth, they talked about their past, expressed how much they long for each other.

Yet, due to taboos set up by the society and his father, she could not marry him.

Bin was  hurt and her spirits were killed half by the end of the meeting. He promised Qin to come back to see her when he gets better from his sickness, and Qin trusted his words, But she knew that the date for their meeting is nowhere to be seen, unless they die together.

Within a month, news came and Bin was gone.

The next week, Mia and his family sent people to welcome Qin into their arranged marriage.

The pain of losing Bin made Qin feel heartbroken and she became super sick.

She refused to get ready to go despite the urges from her old father. In the end, her father started to yell, heartbroken as well, he loved his daughter and thought that what he did was for her best, yet Qin has been drafting farer away from him, barely speaks to him ever since Bin left.

Finally, Qin made a request: she would coop to get ready for Mia unless she is arranged to make a stop to Bin’s tomb, wearing white…

Qin’s father said Yes!

And on this wedding day of her and Mia, she dressed all white,  was sent to Bin’s tomb site.

She cried her heart out about his death and swore again:

we could not be together while alive,

yet I wish to be with you in Heaven…

As soon as her words fly out of her mouth, all of the sudden, dark winds blew, a loud thunder rolled over from distance and Bin’s tomb popped open with pouring rain and shouting thunder.

‘Bin, here I come.”

Qin flew all the way in and disappeared from Bin’s tomb site.

When the rain stopped, two lovely butterflies fly out of the bomb and danced cheerfully in the air.

People believed that they were Qin and Bin.

That’s the end of the story.

True love is beyond Everything! And this tale is retold by many generations and people never get bored of enjoying it.


This tale is inspired by a folk tale called the butterfly lovers

I watched a movie version this morning, the ending sets me in tears, my eyes are red and i feel the urge to share it with English does fit magpie tale prompt in my view.  Of course, I have omitted many details and changed the names as well.  Enjoy!

magpie tale

The Celebrate Blogger of August Awards (Art, Cooking, Humor, Short Stories)

The following blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Food/Cooking Award:

Amanda/Buttercup: 16 votes

Jamie Dedes: 15 votes

The Only Cin: 9 votes

Hoiden: 8 votes

Kavita: 2 votes

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August In Food/Cooking Honorable Mention Award:

Brownie girl, Amy(1), Amy (2), Barbara: Each 1 vote

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Art/Painting Award:

Artswebshow, Lest I Smite Thee: Each 9 votes

Olivia: 8 votes

Riika: 5 votes

Adam, Liz (Morganna), Amanda: Each 4 votes

Celebrating A Year, Fuck Yeah, Ibok, Joanny, Deadpoet88, Jingle: Each 3 votes

Leo, Rhythm of the soul, Tracy, Megzone, Raj, Tokeloshe, Dancing freak, REdsss, C It My Way, Trisha, Expressive world, Jannie Funster, Doraz, Ishabelle, Noha, Imagina, Desiree, Kavita, Soul Dipper, Ilovepinks, Each 2 votes

The following blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Art/Painting Honorable Mention Award:

Shakira, Art By Thomas, Absurb Old Bird, Suzanne, Cartoon and Queser: Each 1 vote

The following bloggers (25)  have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Short Stories Award:

Amanda (Buttercup): 15 votes

Kavita: 14 votes

William and Trisha: each 13 votes

Heartspell, Jessica Japes, Artswebshow: Each 10 votes

Leo, Jingle, each 9 votes

Pinklady, Lest I Smite Thee, Deadpost88, Bill Cook, Martin: Each 8 votes

Doraz, Talon: each 7 votes

Olivia, Hoiden, Adam, Jamie Dedes: Each 6 votes

Fiveloaf, Joanny, Collin, Frayedges, Pamela: Each 5 votes

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August In Short Stroies Runner up award:

The only cin, Claudia, Imagina, Sandra, Nessa, Wiserskydiver, Lua, Brokenpenwriter, Raj, Music of life: each 4 votes

Mango, Kyoichi, Dancing freak, Taithoughts, Tracy, Lovelyannie, Thoughtsnotlost, Any0112, Ibok, Pete, Cah4el, Hindway, Robin, Alethea, Owen, Modernity’s Muse, A Poem A Day 2010, Senderupwords, Celebrating A Year,  Riika,  Ms. Peaches, Megzone, Viola, Heart, Shoelessboywondr, Whisper of Life: Each 3 votes

Noha, JP, Ellis, Dakshima, Rhythm of the soul, REdsss, Tokeloshe, October83, Keshav, Willie, Sillyfrog, Diamondand dogs, Sabby, C., Raven, The Story Box, Bodhirose, Christina, The dark Jasimine, Someone Is Special, Liz, Lauren, River,  10th muse, Naomi, Patric Berry, Lynn, Jessica Graf, Ishabelle, Eaton, The Juliebook, Live2write2day, Julie Scott: Each 2 votes

The flowing blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Short Stories Honorable Mention Award:

Kathrine, Poet Traveler, Ms. Ott, Naba, Gerardine, Desiree, Direkt, Shakira, Girlgenm, Soul Dipper, Anthony North,  Adeeyoyo, Colonialist, Jared, Oink, D, Carolina, Mother2rah, Amrita, 700miles, Splashofexpression, AS, Blueplatpus, Lilly, Vavuous, Gray words, Tolle Lege, Belladonna23, Chris G., Betweenhearts75, A. B. Thomas, Pravin nair, Vivinfrance, Afternoontea, Caty, Mama Zen, J-star: Each 1 vote

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Humor Award:

Artwebshow: 10 votes

Talon, Olivia: Each 6 votes,

Doraz, Jessica Japes, Dennis The Vazsal: Each 5 votes

Comedyplus: 4 votes

Laugh Hard: 3 votes

Pattiken, Megzone, Christine, Thom, Starla, G-man, Ishabelle, Dom*, Jannie Funster, The Juliebook, Ms. Peaches, Someone Is Special: each 2 votes

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Humor Honorable Mention Award:

Jamie Dedes, Kate, Granny, Wordwand, Shakira, Beyonf the blog, Thoughtful delights, out of context, gattina, Bananaz, colonialist, girl on the contrary, my crazy life, Sunny in Seattle, Jingle: each 1 vote

View the nomination announcement here:

The Celebrate Blogger of August Awards Announcements


Jingle is ready to do August Awards. We are successful last time by awarding the celebrate blogger of March, April on humor, art, short stories, of June on cooking/food.

List of nominations for August Awards:


#1: Any blogger who draw cartoons, write fiction or short stories, do food recipes or cooking, or do funnies meme can participate.

#2: Anyone who read or write blogs can help with the nominations.

#3: Each blogger can nominate1-20 blogs for The Celebrate Blogger of August  in Humor Award

1-20 blogs for The Celebrate Blogger of August in Short Story Award

1-20 blogs for The Celebrate Blogger of  August  in Cartoon or Painting Award

1-20 blogs for the Celebrate Blogger of August in Food/Cooking Award

#4: The Deadline for the nomination is Sunday, September 19, 2010.

#5: Winners are 20 bloggers in each category (4 categories) who have won the most number of honorable mentions under this post.

#6: All nomination process and comments are open to the public. You can count the votes you have by reading the comments in this post and know your position.

#7: This is going to be a great honor if you win, because winners are voted by the public! Have FUN!

#8: If your link is included, your win one vote automatically, if you vote, you win another vote for yourself.

#9: The Awards will be announced in Jingle’s Blog on or by Tuesday, September 21, 2010.

PS: The nominations focus on short stories, humor, art/cartoon, or cooking, sorry if I missed you, Good Luck next time.


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The Friendship Award is 4  all of you who vote or are nominated under this post

The X’S-O’S Award is for all of you who vote or nominated under this post.

Magpie Tale-1 2 3 do re mi

1 2 3,
do re mi,
1 2 3,
do re mi,
1 2 3 4 5 6 7,
do re mi fa sol la Si,

Ms. Linda’s voice keeps echoing in my ears. She was my 2nd grade music teacher in elementary school and had the sweetest voice any female could dream about.

“1 2 3 4 5 6 7 , do re mi fa sol la Si are pelicula sound of music, it is the tools to build a song.Once you have these basic elements in head, you can compose or sing thousands of millions of different tunes by mixing them up by random…”

Ms. Linda continued, she wanted to make sure that her students knew how music works.
And her efforts did pay off. The whole class loved singing during music time except me. I only opened my mouth and did not let my voice out.

At first Ms. Linda focused her eyes on me.

I continued failing to sing.

Then, Ms. Linda paused with a smile:” Someone did not sing along, please stop the silence.”

I still remained silence, this time, not even opening my mouth.

Now, Ms. Linda walked toward me after the class finished a full round.

“Joyee, you always have such natural smiles on your face when you walk into the class. I love seeing you in class and feel like smiling when I see you. I am sure
your voice is beautiful and adds credit to the class as a whole.”

My face turned red. I could not sing because the other day, when I tried to model a famous singer on TV, my best friend Lan told me that my voice was among the worst, I should never try to sing anything at all. I always trusted my friend and her words.
I agreed that I am never a singer and decided to stop singing at all.

Of course, I could not tell my reason in front of my classmates.

And I failed to sing along the whole class period.

Ms. Linda spoke to me in person in her office later that day. She forgave me after listening to my explanations.

“Joyee, you voice is very different from others, but this does not mean you are not a singer, you sing for fun, you sing for pleasure...most importantly, I believe that
you could become a folk song singer.”

I remembered her words until today. I have never become a famous singer or a singer with specialization on folk music, but it does not matter. For more than thirty years, I hear Ms. Linda’s encouraging words and never hesitate singing any song for fun. And I love music and enjoy attending concerts all my life.

Two years ago, Ms. Linda committed suicide.

She has developed her career very successfully and has become the principle of the school after 20 years of excellence in teaching. but, as a female, she has faced doubts, questions, and personal attacks.

According to rumor: The major reason for her suicide is that her husband has filed a divorce case against her due to his assumption that she has had an love affair with the school superintendent, a powerful male who used to be a language art teacher in the same elementary school.

And they are close colleagues for more than a dozen years.

I don’t care what has led Ms. Linda’s death. I value her for her encouragement and care for her students. I never have kept in touch with her personally, but her words sing in my head for my life time.

I bought a statue with a girl singing proudly and it reminds me of Ms. Linda.

I wrote this poem for my lovely music teacher Ms. Linda,
May peace and love be with her.

I heard you singing when the dawn was near,
With silver dews eagerly waits for the sun to appear.
You sing all day through,
With the sun drinking up the dew.
You continue to sing during evening hours,
Your voice lulls both animals and flowers.
your song sounds like sweet and yummy ice creams,
I trust that your singing echos lovers’ dreams.
Satisfied, when all the obstacles are cleared,
All of a sudden, the spell of your song has disappeared.
All alone,
Without your lovely song,
I am ready for everything that lies ahead,
I move forward, no fears or dread.

By Joyee on June 8th, 2010/Tuesday.


This is a post for Magpie Tale hosted by Willow at magpie tale

This is a work of fiction.

I Value Your Input and

Wishing You All A Very Enjoyable Tuesday Ahead!

😉 😉 😉