Room 4 Romance IN Haiku Heights

First date, coming nigh,

His face shines with scarlet pride,

Hard not to smile wide.


They meet, right on time,

Side by side, their heartbeats rhyme,

no words, but hot thoughts.


All of a sudden,

big raindrops pour, wetting them,

Befuddled, they hug.


Shyness disappears,

First kiss in romantic tears,

Love survives, Cheers.

Room for Romance (First Date Downpour)

Haiku Heights (Neigh)

Sunday Scribbling (befuddled)

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You, She, I, Excuse Me and Good Bye

You were our friend,
Things came to an end,
Because, something I “offend”.
I was waiting outside the door,
But she jumped over the floor
and went to see you, I saw.
After she’s gone,
I came in
and you asked me to leave you alone.
You, She, I,
You chose her,
I know why.

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The Balance Between “A Little” And “A Lot”

Bizarre  title, isn’t it?

Did you ever notice that you have been using A Little and A Lot all the time without acknowledgment? Today is A Little AND A Lot Day!

Let’s do this a little and do that a lot!

Whine a little, Praise a lot,

Write a little, Read a lot,

Network a little, Care a lot,

Ask a little, Give a lot,

Talk a little, Listen a lot,

Lose a little, Win a lot,

Wonder a little, Think a lot,

Sing a little, Dance a lot,

Assume a little, Research a lot,

Judge a little, Observe a lot,

Dream a little, Document a lot,

Here a little, There a lot,

Today a little, Tomorrow a lot,

I a little, You a lot!

A little and A lot are very fond of each other, do you agree?

To celebrate A Little AND A Lot Day, add your own line ___ a little, ____ a lot by commenting, feeling free!

Thank you and have a Fine Fun Day!