Do You Do Mind Mapping?

What is Mind Mapping? Do you do mind mapping? How often?

Do you recall that in your office, your garage, or your kitchen, you have a special space that is filled with “junks”, and these stuff could be left over strings, used tapes, bolts, crayons, batteries, pencils, happy meal toys?…you know these little thing very well when you toss them in, you promised yourself that you will need them soon. But as time passes, the space is packed full and it does not look good when you look at the piles.

What do you do when this junk drawer gets full? You dump them out on the floor, take a look at them one by one, trash some without feeling sad, and put rest of them back in a more favorable fashion…then you feel better about this new organization, right?

Now, what is mind mapping? Why shall you mind mapping and how?

Our brain is like the junk drawer above, we intake all sorts of information on daily basis and not all data are useful for our thinking or growth. Mind mapping is how you empty out what’s crammed inside your craniums to rest your body and mind. Mind mapping implies that you let go of the things that are less critical to your development, after you are done, you are rested, refreshed, and ready for new challenges again.

One example for mind mapping is, when you are bothered by something, you write things down on a piece of paper, and brainstorm all the things connected to the issue and possible solutions you believe, and you write until you are empty inside. Then you move on to do something else. After you cool off, come back and read the reflections you have early. Categorize the things over there, focus on what’s most important and ignore the rest.

I always feel amazed about how deep my thinking has gone when I let my emotions and wisdom flow out as needed. I believe that mind mapping produces critical thinking skills, which is key to one’s success in life.

Make A Wish

Like A fish,

Pick Your School,


Be Cool.

If you prefer whales to sharks,

Follow your instincts,

Move on, and

Admire your own footprints.

Cheers. 😉 🙂 😉


Hello, How are you?

What’s Your Plan for Saturday? Do you do mind mapping?

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