Thursday Thinking Tank- Kissed By Spring Breeze

Kissed by spring breeze,

Her cheeks turn pink, blush,

Red light,

She hits the break.


Time starts to freeze,

No traffic crossing, gush,

What a plight,

Her mind grows weak.


She gives her handle bar a squeeze,

And run cross the road in a rush,

As she navigates on the other side,

She sees a police car behind and feels like a freak.

Think Tank Thursday #43 at Poets United: Headline

Alphabe-Thursday (A is for  A mistake)

Kids Basketball Game In 160-Fishy No More

The basketball game’s on,

Life’s guidance gone,

Get drowned.


Whistles blow,

A free throw,

Faces glow.


Steal, dribble, score,

Fishy no more,

Win by 4.

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On The Immense Ocean Where…

On the immense ocean

Where waves shimmer under moonlight,

A beast is having a celebration:

He is a groom with pride.

He was born ugly,

He falls in love with a maiden fish looking lovely.

Subjective barriers do have effects at first,

She tamed him while he wooed her with a dove;

She is all smiles to see him at his best,

He is the champion of true love.

The ugly is beautiful,

Their love is blissful.

The wedding is successful,

The crowd is wonderful.

What a harvest of passion in the sea,

This legend is encouraging enough for the world to see.

On the immense ocean

Where waves shimmer under moonlight,

A beast is having a celebration,

He is a groom with pride…

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Here I Am Holding A Rose (Forgiveness)

I feel uncool

That I have ever hurt you.

I want to grab the washcloth of remorse

And wipe my soul for a regeneration.

I want to take hold of the garden hose

And clear the path to the mending of our relation.

I want to be a morning dew,

I want to be the one with you,

I want to be a butterfly,

I want to be a…, you try.

Footsteps of errors may becloud our soul,

Soap of repentance shall save the show.

Armed with regrets and sympathy in the core,

I hope to rediscover my peaceful shore.

Here I ‘m holding a rose,

Take it and  accept my remorse.


Room for Romance #3

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