This is the place where I fell,

I’m remembering the origin of the history,

Fickle the scope of measure for measure.


This is the place where accidents happen,

Residue of the utmost obscure-

Not smart to move on.


This is the place where I was hurt,

I’m embarking the footprints left behind,

No more interests to step on.





Iowa=Ibok+Alice Walker+Wanjiku+MIM+Soul Intention+Viola+The Fair God Sister+Alice’s Wonderland


IOWA state is famous for its Standard Testing
programs cross the nation, Jiahong’s best friend
XiaoFeng Xie loaded a job at Iowa after
graduating from the university at Cincinnati,
Wisconsin…Des Moines is its capital, Jingle
has never been there, but will be looking
forward to a visit soon. Eight poets
connected toIowa state.


Microsoft Word Is A Superb Tool

Microsoft Word is a superb tool,
Complete functional features,
it reminds me of a grocery store,
Where one sight seeing
and takes whatever one needs,
In the end, stories are done,
What fun to see WORD Trees,
Microsoft Word has strict rules,
Power point is other bids,
Modern life is dull
without this essential tool.

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Gorge W. Bush (A Handsome War President)


Gorge W. Bush,
A Texas cowboy
who used to own
and operate
American oil company,
has been a powerful president
for the United States of America
most recently,
His wife is charming,
His daughters are loving,
He had fought the wars (on Iraq)
on terrorism,
He had illustrated his ability
to protect American family

J. K. Rowling Is Graceful (London, England)

Today is funny,

My mood is sunny,

I had a magical ride

with world famous figures beside:

J. K. Rowling is graceful,

Amy Tan is thoughtful;

Kate Middleton is charming,

Jennifer Aniston is smiling,

Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton are quiet,

with Oprah and Maya Angelou being on diet,

We die crying

while enjoy flying…


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Summer’s Songs (4 Poets Rally Week 49)

Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 49, please join us and share a free verse or any form of poetry with poets rally today, and have fun!

Summer’s song for sorrows

is summer showers,

For all her enjoyment, she sows


Thunder’s roar shows

Her rages,

Blue Ocean bestows

the love affairs she engages;

Summer sings soft with a

shooting star,

For a treat she grabs a

Cooking jar;

Dancing she goes to

a camping ground,

Smiling she heads to

a merry-go-round;

Emerging with a hot sun,

Painting the earth golden as she’s done.

Summer’s songs linger at summer seas,

Summer’s poets ponder with hot gazes.

The Day In July

In a book the day

is a glimpse of blue,

In a map the day

gives a pin-point clue.


On the tongue the day

is a watermelon of sweet,

In the face the day

is a pool of heat.


On the phone the day

is a wave of light,

In the eye the day

shatters like glass in sight.

Carry On Tuesday (In my head, I paint a picture…)

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Short Story Slam Week 6

Week 6 Prompt:


To the puppy,

Running fast and free makes him happy;

To the elephant,

Moving forward one step at a time is important;

“Let’s play hide and seek.”

Suggests the puppy,

Too bad the elephant could not win

Because he is too big to be unseen;

“Let’s swim cross the creek.”

Asks the elephant,

So sad that the puppy can not swim,

and he instantly begin to scream…

They are made different,

It’s impossible for them both to be excellent…

To keep each other’s company,

They must learn how to respect each other beautifully.


A++ Playmates

Berry creek,

Pink Cheek,


real quick.


A cute dog,

A lovely woman,

Two biking girls do self talk,

Their spirits are zen.


Baseball field,

Kid’s playground,

Crowds wailed.

Balls making cracking sound.


Rocky plates,

Watchful eyes,

A++ playmates,

“A home run”, someone cries.

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