Letting Go Shall Be A Relief To Liberate Yourself!


When it is time

To let go

Of the feelings you stored in your soul,

And the things you believe it is true,

You have to loose your grasps

And allow the Divine

To make the decision for you.

There maybe facts and factors

Keeping your hope alive,

There maybe dreams and instincts

Redirecting your perceptions in life,

But, letting go shall be a relief

To liberate yourself,

And help you get over every single grief.

Let go

If you have to,

Because Not every dream can come true.

Redo your thinking,

Rerun the programing.

When you eventually make it through,

You transform and upgrade

With all the prices previously paid,

A more promising life awaits for you.


Hi, how is everything?

Today’s question:

Pick among fruits such as Grapes, Prunes, Plums, and Peaches, make a 3 line poem or Haiku:

Jingle’s Entry:

Grapes  are fun,

Plums are funnier,

Prunes are the funniest!


Your Entry:

______ are fun,

______are funnier,

______are the funniest.

Wishing  YOU A FUN Day!