When It Comes To Math

When it comes to math,

Some fear it to death,

Some fall out of breath;

Here is a simple confess:

Math is not something worse

than giving birth…

Math Is cool

If you know the rule;

Math is fun

If you are its fan.

Keep trying,

You can do it without dying…


Math says something perfectly true.


You can make a satisfying score.


Math has some magical tricks.

If you truly understand,

You will love math and feel grand.


When i started blogging one year ago, I truly enjoyed doing Monday Math posts. Glad to give it a try again today.

Today’s Math problem:If it takes 12 people 3 days to build 72 meters of fence, how many meters of fence can 15 people build in one day?

Hint: compute how many meters of fence each person build each day applying the first 3 numbers, then it is easy to calculate using giving condition!

Pick one:

A: 2

B: 12

C: 20

D: 24


Good Luck! I Wonder who can do it?

Solve A Math Problem!

Hello, how are you?

If you are interested in math, this problem is for you to work on and solve.

Start with 3,

Add 2,

Then multiple by 102,

Then divide by 5,

Then add 800,

Then subtract by 14,

What do you get?

Please use two (2) words only to describe it.

Thank you in advance, have FUN. 🙂

PS:correct answer in number is 888, I required you to say it using two words, all entries are well done.

Other possible way to say it:

triple 8’s,

triple eight,

triple A’s

sounds great 🙂 🙂 :).

Thank you all for the number FUN.