When It Comes To Math

When it comes to math,

Some fear it to death,

Some fall out of breath;

Here is a simple confess:

Math is not something worse

than giving birth…

Math Is cool

If you know the rule;

Math is fun

If you are its fan.

Keep trying,

You can do it without dying…


Math says something perfectly true.


You can make a satisfying score.


Math has some magical tricks.

If you truly understand,

You will love math and feel grand.


When i started blogging one year ago, I truly enjoyed doing Monday Math posts. Glad to give it a try again today.

Today’s Math problem:If it takes 12 people 3 days to build 72 meters of fence, how many meters of fence can 15 people build in one day?

Hint: compute how many meters of fence each person build each day applying the first 3 numbers, then it is easy to calculate using giving condition!

Pick one:

A: 2

B: 12

C: 20

D: 24


Good Luck! I Wonder who can do it?