Math Monday (Guess what the Image Says and More…)

Can anyone tell me what the image says? Thanks…

Today’s Math Challenge:Jimmy is NOW three years older than Bobby, suppose, SEVEN (7) years from now, the sum of their ages is 79, how old is Bobby Now?

Hint: Let B=Bobby’s age now, J=Jimmy’s age now,

Then, by given condition, B+3=J,

also, after 7 years, (J+7) + (B+7)=79,

now, using substitution, you shall know the answer to both B and J?

Good Luck!

Anwers to Humor Post On Sunday is:

A3: A Pepper

A5: So he would have sweet dreams.

A7: Where is Pop (Papa) Corn?

Radical Rap

To have the simplified form,

You must have product of distinct prime numbers under the radical sign.

To solve an equation of radicals,

You have to square the term on both sides

To obtain polynomials.

In order to multiply,

You do it by combining inside with inside,

And do the same with the outside.

When you must divide,

Some rules will apply.

Besides that,

You have to simplify

To keep radicals away from down the line.


I hope you have fun today!

Math Monday-Magical Math Number Wizard

Hello, how are YOU?

Welcome to Math Monday!

Please consider the following two questions:

#1: Move one (1) matchstick  only and keep the equation valid?

#2: Move two (2) matchsticks to either make the  equality hold true or else?


There is one solution for #1, see above

Two possible solutions for #2, see above

Thank YOU for playing !


PS: This post is inspired by psychologist, magician, and author Prof  Richard Wiseman.  Thank YOU,  Prof. Wiseman,  for the wisdom and fun shared in mathematics.

Math Monday

Brian has scores of 88, 95 on his first two math tests, he wants to have an average score at least 90 points.

There are total three tests, what score must Brian get on his third test to have an overall average of 90?


Test 1:      88

Test 2:      95

Test 3:     ___



Analysis: To achieve an average of 90 in three tests, Brian needs to

have total score 90+90+90=270, he already has two scores,

thus it is up to YOU to figure out what Brian must score in

test 3  to reach his goal?

Solution : 87.

Good Luck!

🙂 😉 😉