Math Challenge (April 19, 2010)

Define function f by  f(x)=3-2x,

Find f(0)=___


and   f(2)=___


This is simply a function f with variable x defined by x.

if I define f(x)=x, then my function is always linear, for any value of x, f(x) is equal to x on this particular case.




If I define f(x)=1-x, then the function value can always be calculated by using the formula on the right hand side of the equation and plug in x.




Good Luck!

If You understand, It is super easy!

Simply using the formula given to compute the value of f(x)…

Happy Monday!

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Math Challenge

How can you get 24 using only numbers 8, 8, 3, and 3?

You can use main operation signs such as +, -, x, / or addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Solution:   two solutions

#1: 24=8/(3-8/3), see, the solution used 8 twice and 3 twice.

#2: Another solution could be  24=8+(8×3!)/3, which has 8 twice and 3 twice…

#3: Thom and Vishu have their best try, I consider their efforts correct.

You turn, it is a challenge, but I am curious about who can figure it out!

Have FUN to those of YOU who are interested in learning math!