Today Is Almost Gone (4 Lots of Laughter)

Today is almost gone,

14 hours of off and on,

Read, write, and cook,

Plus a walk along the brook.


Night arrives, lights on,

Many issues to think upon.

Restless sleep leaves me sad and confused,

A fresh rose in the morning gets me amused.

Lots of Laughter (clerihew)

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Time 4 A Change (Get Lots of Laughter In 2011)

Happy 2011, The Year of Rabbit, did you see it above with its favorite food?

Lots of Laughter (Time 4 a change), I’ve got some jokes and please laugh and show something creative by answering three unanswered questions below, Good Luck!


Q1: what are the two things you cannot have 4 lunch?

Q2: What candy is never on time?

Q3: What food stays hot no matter how cold the temperature is?

Q4: When do you stop on green and go on red?

Q5: Why did the boy put sugar under his pillow?

Q6: Why is the honey so scarce in Boston?

Q7: What did Baby Corn Say to Mama Corn?

A1: Breakfast and Dinner

A2: Choco-late

A3: ______ (You Try please)

A4: When you eat watermelon.

A5:________ (Your turn please)

A6: Because there is only one B (Bee) in Boston.

A7: ________(Good Luck, think of who is missing in a family, then you know….)

Happy January 1, 2011, everyone!

Happy Birthday, Kavita!

Kids Basketball Game In 160-Fishy No More

The basketball game’s on,

Life’s guidance gone,

Get drowned.


Whistles blow,

A free throw,

Faces glow.


Steal, dribble, score,

Fishy no more,

Win by 4.

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Pink Grace With Faith…

Pink Saturday!

Lots of Laughter (Flip)

Haiku Heights (Faith)


I love both faith and grace,

They take me many a place

And make my day a true bliss.

^ – ^

In a dancing way,

They fill me with pride

and keep me stay inside.

^ -^

I enjoy spending time home

reading many an online poem,

Faith is the catalyst of grace.

^ -^

I’s content not to be loud,

Gracing indoors makes me feel proud,

Pink grace with faith, no flip flop, no doubt!

This blog Jingle started on November 28, 2009, last Sunday was the one year blogging anniversary and I was late in celebrating it…Happy Belated Blogging to Jingle…

Everyone is welcome to join in for a piece of cake!

Happy Sunday 2 You All!

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Everyone Makes Mistakes

Signs are tools

To keep you from getting into troubled pools,

Be aware and use the clues.


Everyone makes mistakes,

That does not mean your life  is flushed in risks,

Get up and move on, no shames.


Don’t tease someone’s blemish,

Focus on positive energy, and make good use of it,

Let love and embrace flourish!


Haiku Heights.  (Blemish)

For Lots of Laughter (Signs)







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A talented poet Alethea nominated Jingle for the perfect poet award week 30, many THANKS, YOU ROCK! xxx

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Sunday 160-I Wonder When She Ever Learns

I wonder when she ever learns

Not to spill beans…

She truly understands what my message means,

But cannot help herself,

Then one day she turned into an elf.

What can you say in 160 characters? (Spaces included)

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Weekend Funnies


I stumbled into a fish tank,


Please tell me how

to get rid of the yank

from the naughty fish

to grant my freedom wish!


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