Thursday Poets Rally Week 38 (Feb 17-23)

Welcome to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 38 (Feb 17-23, 2011), Which is NOW hosted by Jingle and Leo

Basic Instruction for Rally Week 38:

#1: If you are a FIRST TIME participant, you must leave a comment under Leo’s post to sign an agreement, (poets who are previous participants and wish to have your entry fine turned are also encouraged to sign agreement under leo’s post), after signing the agreement,  link your entry via linkz, you have about 7 days to make a minimum 18 comments among participant list, we prefer that you get it done by Sunday…

#2: If you are a returning poet, please be advised that you can choose to comment for 18 participants New to you under Leo’s post, or explore The Perfect Poet Winners and The Fresh Poets To explore via this post!

PS: The purpose or uniqueness of Thursday Poets Rally is to discover fresh talents and recruit new poets to our team, thus, it is important that many of you go through the FRESH Poets to Explore and offer encouragements to poets so that they get inspired to become a participant. Thanks.

No panic about the agreement, it is simply saying:

An original poem,

Tag Poets Rally,

Visit and comment for at least 18 poets within 7 days,

Let us know if you wish to take the official award, the perfect poet award or not,

Let us know if you wish to have your poetry fully represented or not after the rally is over,

Stay positive, no gossips or negative comments…

Poets who enter for Thursday Poets Rally Week 38 will be nominated for The Celebrate Poet of January in 2011 Award…Come on in and have fun!


Week 37 The Perfect Poet Award Winners:

Fiveloaf (Accepted)

Jamie Dedes (Accepted)

Leo (Leonnyes) (Accepted)

Olivia (Accepted)

Lu Ann (Accepted)

Cloakedmonk (Accepted)

Sumit Sarkar

The Lonely Recluse (Accepted)

Kellie Elmore

Marlee-I Mystic (Accepted)

Celebrating a Year (accepted)

Pat Cegan (Accepted)


Annell Livingston


Marian (Accepted)

Gemma @ Greyscale (Accepted)

A Fistful Of Moonbeams

Dakshi (Accepted)

Keshav Ram Narla (Accepted)

Luckyandme (Accepted)

Amrita Ghosh (Accepted)


Michael (Accepted0

Rachel (Accepted)

Yelena m. (Accepted)

Aynsley7 (Accepted)


Sam (Accepted)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… (Accepted)


Lolamouse (Accepted)

Sina Saberi (Accepted)

Dishilicious (Accepted)

Azfree (Accepted)

Tuffi kaffa



The Reason You Come (Accepted)

LeiffyV (Accepted)


Chaspalette (Accepted)

Deadpoet88 (Accepted)




Jingle (Accepted)



It Is Just A Bad Dream

I have sore shoulders,

I have itchy toes,

I have high fever,

I have running nose.

I need immediate medical care,

Shall I call 911? I suppose.

But which treatment shall I get,

My goodness, it is hard to choose.

My eyes are wet,

My hair is loose,

My phone is dead,

My credit cards confuse.

My life ends up in despair,

Shall I call 911? I suppose.

How can I survive and feel fair?

Only the divine knows.

In a frightful mood,

I run wild in the neighborhood,

I yell,

I tell…

It is just a bad dream,

I wake up and enjoy my blissful life all the same.

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This Is An Entry 4

Leo’s Z to A challenge (Y is 4 YELL):

Victoria’s Monday Writing Challenge: (Dream on)

Get Well Wishes 4 Riika and Leo

The Whole Wide world is yours,

The snow-covered mountains,

The sprinkling fountains,

The glittering sunlight,

The bluest sky,

The sweetest pie,

The singing birds,

The naughty cats,

The playful breeze,

The twinkling stars,

The burning mars,

The Milky Way,

The poetry library,

The buzzing bees,

The graceful willow trees,

The buried gems,

The pesky germs,

The delicious food,

The blissful mood,

The widest ocean,

The dearest friends…

Have a look,

Get yourself in our book!


This poem is dedicated to all Poets, YOU At Jingle Poetry,  who make enomous difference in our community.

The Images are selected and dedicated to Riika, who have been sick because of chicken pox for more than a week now, and leo, who is under weather recent days.

Precious Princesses of Jingle Poetry Who Serve You:





Jamie Dedes

Lovely Annie

Joanny (left to get her Ph. D)



True Princes of Jingle Poetry Who Serve You:

Leo (Leonnyes)


Someone Is Special

Visit any of our officials to read their fabulous poetry for a treat and get yourself introduced to them… have fun! Everyone is special, you are special, Smiles!

Love you all!  xxx

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To wish them good health today.

Weekend Funnies


I stumbled into a fish tank,


Please tell me how

to get rid of the yank

from the naughty fish

to grant my freedom wish!


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