Plant A Patch Of Living Rose


Snow falls,

School closes,

Learning to grow

Is learning to accept missing classes.


Birds sing,

The universe turns green,

Flower buds reveal transitions

By reporting the season’s gain.


When kids go back to schools,

Prepare for new growth.

Collect your garden tools,

Plant a patch of living rose.


When things don’t look cool,

Or nothing seems new,

Carry faith for time and place,

Face the world with godly grace.


Hello, how are YOU?

Love is universal feelings, Valentine’s Day is within two weeks, I have a question for  YOU::

What kind of valentine gift do you prefer to get from your spouse, or friend of opposite sex?

Flowers, Candy, Watch,… I won’t know until you tell…_________________.

Happy Monday!  Thank YOU all for the lovely visits and contributions, 😉 😉 😉