Do A Somersault With No Fault On A Somerset (Hot Summer Haiku 21-30)

What is Haiku?

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Do a somersault

With no fault

On a somerset.


Pass summer nights

With tales about pirates

And stories about fairies.


Do a bunk

To get ride of Stinky



Toss a dime

Make something rhythm

For Summer time.


Birds stretch their wings

to sail above the mountains

And seek drinking fountains.


Put on sunblock lotion,

Have your slippers on motion

Before go deep in the ocean.


I can not see

In the sea

When I get seasick!


Not to wink

at the sink

That starts to look pink.


A sparrow

shall not swallow

Any arrow.


The Mountain awakes

As snow melts

And water floods the lakes.

How R U?

Hope that U enjoy some hot summer Haiku, U R the Coolest! 😉 😉 ;).

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When Hot And Cold Air Clashes (Hot Summer Haiku 1-10)


When hot and cold air clashes,

Thunders roll,

Lightening flashes.


The Sun

Has fun

Painting you tan. 😉


I wish I may,

I wish I might,

I wish for a pool to swim in tonight.


Like fire,

The sun bakes

While you hunger for snow-cakes.


A swimming pool

Is a tool

To stay cool.


A lightning bug is a firefly

Who winks at a butterfly

And teases at a dragonfly.


I eat a peach

Before I teach

At a beach.


The sky is blue,

The clouds are white,

The sun screams with burning sunlight.


When the day is hot,

Fish go hide under water

In the deepest spot.


Summer is tall

In comparison

with Spring and Fall.


Hello, How are you today?

I miss summer time when the day is icy cold and the road is bad for driving.

I share ten (10) hot summer Haiku with you today, hope that you enjoy it.

Let me know if you find your favorite one among the list above. Thank you and have a beautiful spring day. 😉 😉