Oh, Star.

If, in the light of things, you vanish

4 real, yet wanly withdrawn

2 a normal but outlandish

Relation, like the moon leaving before dawn

2 hide behind clouds.

I wish that you invisibly delight this  place.

Oh, star,

Double your compassion,

Maximize your dimension,

After dwan,

Before twilight,

From afar,

Direct the worst in us

Via chaos!

Radical Rap

To have the simplified form,

You must have product of distinct prime numbers under the radical sign.

To solve an equation of radicals,

You have to square the term on both sides

To obtain polynomials.

In order to multiply,

You do it by combining inside with inside,

And do the same with the outside.

When you must divide,

Some rules will apply.

Besides that,

You have to simplify

To keep radicals away from down the line.


I hope you have fun today!

I Rise, No Surprise

You may let me down on purpose

With your bitter or ill logics.

You may dislike me, I suppose,

But, like the air, I rise.

Does my frankness upset you?

Do you enjoy seeing me miserable?

Does my background offend you?

Do you prefer me to being less able?

You may attack me with your words,

You may chop me with your eyes,

You may kill me with your anger,

But, like air, I rise.

Does my gender blind you?

Does my friendliness bore you?

Does it come as a surprise

That I always find a way to rise?

Leaving behind moments of doubts and fears,

Do a shift in gears.

I carry the dreams of my ancestors,

I rise, NO surprise.


Hello, How are you?

A writer or poet shall be able to go beyond one’s experieces

and write about almost anything in life…I am trying!

Happy Saturday to You All!

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You Make My Life full of Energy (click on the image to see it move ;))

I Value Your Friendship!

Sunday 160-One Shall Realize

One shall realize,
No matter how hard one tries,
Gossip or obscene surmise
May still rise.
One shall be prepared to comprise
By acting wise
And taking advice.


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

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I used the character calculator

Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 6 Purrfect Poet Award

Wow, congratulations to the following twelve (12) Thursday Poets’ Rally participants. U win week 6 Thursday Poets’ Rally Purrfect Poet Award.

#1: Brian Miller (accepted)

#2: PoetTraveler

#3: doubtfulpoet

#4: catgirlslovehaiku    (the blog is deleted)

hellohunter (accepted)

#5: Yousei Hime (accepted)

#6: Nanno(acccepted)

#7: drj3kyll (accepted)

#8: Kseverny’s Blog (accepted)

#9: gargoylesroost

#10: Jaymie(accepted)

#11: poetry of the soul http://laurenmichelleotheim.wordpress.com/ (accepted)

#12: fiveloaf (accepted)

(order does not matter…)

#1-#9 winners are formally nominated by week 5 Poets’ Rally winners at their blogs, check them out at:

Noha at:


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Sam at http://sweiv.wordpress.com/2010/02/18/woe-2/

Jamie at http://jaymiethorne.wordpress.com/unexpected-gifts/

The Moondustwriter: http://moondustwriter.com/2010/02/17/not-your-anything/



And #10-#12 winners  are nominated by Jingle at


To see week 5 winner announcement, please visit: https://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/02/13/thursday-poets-rally-perfect-poet-award-week-5/

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  • This award is given once a week by Jingle at  Jingle‘s blog.
  • Each week, Jingle will award those twelve (12)  Rally participants nominated by previous week winner’s nominations. (for example, each week 6 winner nominates one poet in their blog by or on next Thursday, then Jingle will completely follow the lead and make formal announcement on Jingle’s blog.)
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