It Is Time To…

It’s time to move on,

It’s time to sing a happy song.


It’s time to try something new,

It’s time to paint my sky blue.


It’s time to stand up tall,

It’s time to stop another fall.


It’s time to be myself,

It’s time to stop imaging pelf.


It’s time to chase my dreams,

It’s time to play charming games.


It’s time to avoid living in vain

By treating others less disdain,


It’s time to do what I love to do

Within the world’s view.


It’s time to____________!

Your Turn!

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Flash Friday 55-I Am A Jolly Blogger

As solid as a logger,
As sweet as a cheery pie,
I am a jolly blogger,
None is happier than I.
I feel cheerful
Since I’m mindful.
Blogging binge is a pleasant sin,
It has nothing to do with pitfall like gin.
Enjoy what you have,
That’s how bliss shall arrive
At your hard drive.


Write a a poem, or anything that is fiction  in 55 words. Give it a try and notify  G-man

I used web tool to count my writing which is exactly 55 words… WORDCALCULATOR

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